Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stay at Home

The cute reason I quit my job. 

Someone asked if it was hard for me to decide to stay at home with my kids or if that was always my plan. It is a worthwhile question. Here is your answer.

I was working as a criminal defense attorney when I was pregnant with Sabrina. It was good work and I loved it. It was interesting to me. I felt passionate about the cases I was working on. Best of all I was able to do quite a bit of the work from home. 

There is a lot of research and writing involved in criminal law. I was assisting a more experienced attorney with his grade 4 felony cases (mostly rapes and murders not up for the death penalty.) I did all his writing for him. I researched for him. I interviewed potential clients and ran down leads in the case. And when the cases when to trial I went with him and he let me get trial experience by sometimes questioning witnesses. It was fun and exciting. 

At the time I planned to keep working for him after I had my baby but more from home and just getting a sitter when I needed one. I thought I would get bored at home all day. 

Then I had Miss Sabrina. I stayed home with her for 3 months. Often Jon would come home from work and find me in the same place he left me -- rocking sleeping Sabrina in my arms. I just wanted to hold her all day. After about 3 months my boss called and asked me to go do an arraignment for him. All I had to do was go wait for the case to be called and then stand up with the client and put in his plea of "not guilty." 

I sat there for 3 hours next to this accused armed robber waiting to stand and say "not guilty your honor." That was the last day I worked. I missed my baby so badly in those three hours. Jon made enough money for us so I didn't HAVE to work and I just didn't want to be away from her. 

Sometimes now I think it would be nice to have a job to exercise my intellect a bit more and give me a break from being "mommy" all day. But when it comes right down to it I just don't want to miss even the boring slow parts of motherhood with my children. There will be a time for work someday. But right now I want to savor the time I have with these lovelies before they grow up and go away.


Rachel said...

I know exactly how you feel. I mean, I wasn't working in criminal law, I was a seamstress. My husband gave me the choice, but once our daughter was born I just didn't want the leave her. Sometimes it's hard being at home all day (especially in the winter when you can really go outside much), but now that she's getting a little older I've been trying to make more Mommy friends so we can do play dates and be able to have an adult for me to talk to for a little bit.

It's true, I can't imagine working away from home and missing everything with her, he the boring or tough times.

Mindy said...

I would give anything for that life. :) [Not yours, but mine ... with hubby, kids, staying at home.] :)

Audra said...


Diana Lesjak said...

I was LUCKY enough to stay home too. My children, unfortunately do not have the same luxury and must work~~ I did go to work when my youngest was in school and now retired after 15 years to help my daughters with their babies... now I am a stay at home Meme! Life is good. Sabrina is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

I'm "lucky" enough to have the 'best of both worlds' and let me assure's not always the greatest! I have a salon in my home and more often than not, I'd rather just not do clients b/c it's too hard. My kids know I'm in there & can't help but "bother" me. I, in turn, feel guilty for not being with them & then get angry with myself. It IS a huge blessing to keep up my career while being a full time SAHM, but it isn't easy. ever. :)

Rebecca said...

And what a cute reason to stay at home. I'm glad you have the opportunity to stay with them. It may not be fun and exciting (or at least not all of the time), but it's definitely worth it.

Cardalls said...

I was working as the director of a child care center. I loved my job It was a high quality place, I would have had free child care even. But as high quality as the care was (it was a 1 adult to 2 babies ratio) I still didn't want my baby raised by someone else or to be one of the "masses". I quit and have never looked back. It takes sacrifices to do so, but they are SOO worth it!!

shanan said...

Sabrina is a cute reason, in deed. You're a wonderful mother - your children will one day thank you for making the choice you did to stay home with them.