Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the Air

My nose is drippy. My sneezles and sniffles and itchy eyes are all speaking to me. The leaves are returning on our Camille tree out front. The signs are all there. Spring is springing up all around. 

I have a love hate relationship with spring. Ever since I was about 7 or so I have had terrible allergies every Spring. It probably didn't help that my parents and our neighbors planted 11 olive trees on our cul de sac back then. Their pollen is the worst. 

I remember so many, many nights I spent with ice cold wet rags on my eyes to help with the itching and numb them so I could go to sleep. I usually could find a medicine to help with the other symptoms but the itchy eyes ... they were my nemesis back then. 

Now my eyes are much less of an issue for me. They are just a tale tell sign that my drippy nose is allergies and not a real sickness. And these days I find remedies to help me along with most of those symptoms. I have had a few weeks of severe asthma this season. But that seems to be getting better now too. Still Spring has always been a season of physical suffering for me.

On the other hand I LOVE the beauty of Spring. If it weren't for the allergies and asthma I would say Spring was my favorite season by far. I love the flowers and the new leaves. I love the color and the rain showers. I love the warmer days. I just wish I could go outside and enjoy them fully. 

Now Spring also means preparing for Easter. Which has taken on an even weightier significance in our lives. And it means preparing for Camille's birthday. This means deep thinking, remembering, and subtle aching. It is a time to drink from the bitter cup of reality and bathe in the hope and promise offered by my Savior. It is another love hate aspect of Spring.


Jenessa said...

I love that you still let us into your heart about Camille and the real emotions that will always be there. Having lost my father and older brother at a young age different holidays and seasons bring on anxiety about how I will react emotionally. Sometimes it is full of joy in knowing I will be with them for eternity and other times brings sadness for not having them here with me on earth. Thank you for helping us all learn to express how we feel and not think we need to always be strong.

Kelly said...

Such a beautiful picture of Camille and her daddy. :) How precious.

I am the same way in the spring -- the itching and watering and all of it. But I, too, love the season most of all. It reminds me of new life and new hope and the promise of our Savior in His death and resurrection.

Thank you for your heart. Blessings to you all.


rebecca said...

I'm so sorry I didn't go with you to the minute clinic. I didn't even think of Lauren's vesa-vegal.... We had fun seeing you guys (I'm glad you squished in with us:)) That little bug went through all of us but now our immunity is on the up and up. I hope the beauty of the season and the sweetness outweigh the sorrow.