Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the Trees

I have been up in the trees a lot lately I guess. Last week we did the annual pomegranate picking at my parents house.

The girls loved helping out.
We ended up with lots of pomegranates to juice.
This was, however, the smallest crop we have ever had as my dad severely pruned the largest tree late in the season. We only had the wheelbarrow and about 3 boxes. We usually have double that,

But at the end of the day things lined up nicely.


Chelsea said...

i'd love to live in a place that i could grow pomegranates! but then i remember how hot vegas gets and i've decided you need small blessings like free pomegranates to make it through the summers. :)

Anonymous said...

Just made some Cherry Pomegranate Jam with fresh vanilla bean and blood orange peel with the juice from this years crop.

Can't wait to pull a baguette from the oven tonight split in half with a little butter and Pomegranate Jam and a glass of Milk

will be sleeping well after that

Pam said...

This is very interesting. I remember getting pomegranates at the store as a child and breaking them apart and eating them, I remember them being messy and hard to eat, but we loved them and could only get them a certain times of the year. This year I have really noticed a lot of them and I ask my husband just the other day, what can you do with pomegranates? You can tell I'm not a jelly/jam maker! This was a good childhood memory for me! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

larsen family said...

My family just did pomegranate picking also. We just got done making jelly. Oh it is sooo good!