Sunday, October 18, 2009


Camille at 9 months. Her only trip to the beach.

Tonight the girls asked if we could watch Camille videos. How can we deny this request? We can't. So we put in the DVD and turned on the videos of their little sister. And we all sat and watched.

We marveled at how long Annie's hair has grown. How tall she has gotten. We were amazed at what a baby girl Lauren was in those videos. And Sabrina just looked so cute with her front two teeth missing. She was Annie's age then.

Time is passing. Watching those videos tonight made that fact vivid in my mind. Time is passing, the kids are growing, and Camille is not growing here with them. Our family is different. We have a new family member and he is growing. Soon he will be bigger than Camille ever was and he will only know her from these videos and the pictures of her that hang on the wall.

It is hard to watch the videos. They bring the reality of our loss in to sharp focus. She was such a beautiful baby. And I miss her tonight.


Hoskins Family said...

She was a beautiful baby Steph. I am sorry reality hit hard tonight. Hugs! Thank goodness she will be yours to raise again!

Cyndi W said...

I too am sorry you had to experience that pain last night...but going through that does help you get through that grieving process! I know, it seems sometimes like it will never go away, that is why we are so blessed to have the restored be with our Loved Ones again! Big Hugs to you Stephanie!

Kami Beck said...

Camille is beautiful! I'm so sorry. I'll pray for you this morning. Love and hugs!

{ Bethany } said...

Camille is so beautiful. I've never seen that picture of her...her smile and eyes are lit from within. Videos are hard to watch. *HUG*

Rach said...

Video is a blessing and a curse. Some days I can watch Hannah's movies and wonder at her voice and clumsiness and other days it just hurts too much.