Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Conference For Me

I just finished watching the first two sessions of conference. As always, a few talks stood out as favorites for me. Right off the bat, I loved Elder Hales talk on Provident living and might do a post about that another time.

What really stood out to me, of course, were the talks by Elder Pino and Elder Scott. Both spoke of lost children. Elder Pino spoke about a family who had a 3 year old daughter who drowned. Elder Scott had a daughter that died a few minutes after being born and then six weeks later had a son who died after a surgery to try to fix his heart.

Both talked about the blessings of the temple and how the covenants we make there are such blessings to us. I loved the line in Elder Pino's talk when he said "At times we mourn, but we mourn with hope."

I feel so strengthened and uplifted by the examples of faith and hope and submission Elder Scott and the family in Elder Pino's story have shown. I know they must have felt much of the same sorrow and pain I have felt these last nearly 10 months. But, they have held on to the hope born of their faith through their mourning and grief. I strive daily to do the same.

This is the true great miracle produced by such intense trial. The miracle that is the product of steady faith in the face of prayers answered in a way other than what we had hoped. It is the miracle of the house still standing on the rock throughout the storm. It is the miracle of being held up by the Savior to walk on the water with Him when the storm seemed too great to withstand. 

Many are astonished by the miracles of healing, but I am learning that greater miracles are done within the soul than to the outward body. The faith, submission, obedience, and healing of the broken heart is a far greater miracle than the obedience of biological elements needed to produce a physical healing. More often than not, it is the former that the Lord asks of us. For it is this miracle that holds greater potential to more surely bring us back to Him.

Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.


Karm said...


Shayla said...

I am a frequent reader, I love your blog. For me, it gives me 'A Daily Scoop' of inspiration, faith, strength & a smile. What an appropriate title.
I absolutely thought of you during those talks today. I am so happy you heard them the same time & took so much from them. The gospel is amazing! As a stranger, your story & your strength have touched me so much! Thank you.

bills said...

I thought of you and Molly the moment Brother Pino started speaking. Thank you for sharing your experiences so that I could mourn with those that mourn. What a holy experience it is feel a part of what the Savior has done for you. for me, and for all those that experience loss, or hurt or despair, grief. What a blessing that together we may all share joy too!


Anonymous said...

You are wrong because Elder Pino didnt lost any daughter, he was talking about somebody who lost a daugther.

Tara L. said...

I thought of you while listening to Conference today.

Rebecca Whitcomb North said...

I thought of you during the conference sessions today as well. The messages were beautiful and I'm sure they touched the hearts of many mothers, especially those who have experienced loss like yourself.

Sending you love and best wishes,

lovinglife said...

I totally thought of you during those 2 talks. I'm glad they were YOUR conference talks. :)

Anonymous said...

I could not help but think of you and your family as I listened to those talks... you and others I know who have experienced great losses in the past few months. How thankful I am for inspired leaders who comfort all of us and bless our lives.

Melissa said...

I'm not a mother at the time. I did become an aunt this past week. As I listened to those talks I thought about my sister in-law and other mothers who have lost babies. My sister in-law lost a baby who was stillborn a year ago this last Sunday. She just delivered a tiny girl this past week (2 days and a year ago after losing a son), who is a fighter. I feel sorry for mothers who have lost little ones.
I want to say your blog has brought many things to my life. Most times after reading a post my attitude changes and I feel better. You are so great. I can't wait to hear the rest of the conference talks. I feel like conference is a great time to receive revelation and questions are answered many times.

Jennifer said...

It would be interesting to know just how many people thought of you during conference! I was one of them as well. And while I believe the anonymous commenter is correct that Elder Pino was sharing the story of someone else who lost a daughter, that doesn't change the principles he was teaching, or the inspiration he provided.

I love conference weekend!

a faithful reader in Michigan

Sheryl/Nana/ Lady of Leisure said...

I too, thought of all you "Angel Moms", as my daughter is one of you, too. My tears shed in both talks were for all of you that have to go on living and breathing each day after your tragedy. I hope you feel our love, support, and prayers in your behalf. And, especially, feel the Saviors arms wrapped around you.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the correction on Elder Pino's talk. I corrected the blog post to reflect that it was not his own story. He told it so much in the first person that I thought it was his. I was distracted by sweet little ladies during the very first part of his talk. :)


Sue said...

I thought of you, too. Both of those talks were great, and I also loved the Provident Living one.

Noorda Notebook said...

there was one other talk that totally reminded me of you. remember when one of them quoted the scripture about the swelling motions in your bosom? i wanted to tell my sisters your funny story but i knew i couldn't do it justice. so i guess you'll have to fill them in and give them a good laugh next time you see them. or you could do a post about prayer and include your classic story.

kathryn_m said...

The miracle that is the product of steady faith in the face of prayers answered in a way other than what we had hoped.

Stephanie: This quote holds special meaning for me. Many people feel that if their prayers are not answered as specifically requested, they are unheard.

In my most daunting trial, I have learned 2 key things: to submit to His will and that His answers are what is best for us for eternity.

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the essence of things not seen.”

I will try to tune in tomorrow.

love 'n hugs,

i said...

i thought pino's story was about his own child too at first.:) i was thinking of you during elder pino's talk. you've done what the examples of faith did in the stories did. what an example of faith you are to soooooo many.

Claire said...

I thought of you during those talks as well! They were such wonderful talks and a great reminder to all of us of the blessings of the temple and the Plan of Salvation.

Stephanie said...

You can tune into each of the talks separately online after they are given at

Here is the link

you can find those peoples talks on the Saturday afternoon session.


Tiffany said...

Loved both of those talks. I especially related with Elder Scott. I felt like he was talking to me as he did so humbly after losing Jack. He is such a humble, wonderful man.

Coby and I are going to be in Vegas the week of the 20th...we should meet up. It would be great to see you. I have a little something for you and your soon to be bundle. :) Loves to you. Tif

Stina said...

I thought of you during those talks, also, and said a prayer in my heart for you and your family.

Conference really is amazing. How grateful I am to live in a time when we can sit at our computer and watch the prophets of the Lord and be uplifted and edified.

Kyra said...

I wanted to thank you for the invite to watch the talks. I hear so many misconceptions about Mormons and one is that we(non Mormons)are not welcome to your functions without membership. I was unable to hear everything but thanks for sharing especially about the inner healing vs. outer. So true!

Stephanie said...


Thanks for your comment. Just to clear up that misconception: Mormons welcome visitors. Outside every chapel on the sign with the name of the church on it there are the words "visitors welcome." Feel free to drop in any Sunday when you see cars in the parking lot and join us.

Much love,

Andrea said...

Just beautiful Stephanie! I also loved the same talks. So grateful for them!
Wyatt's mommy

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog! I have just resently started and the love and faith I feel while I am reading is overwhelming sometimes. I have soffered some great loses in my family. I want you to know that I had a very personal revolation 14 years ago the night my mother died, and I can say with complete conviction that there is an eternal plan for each of us. Heavenly Father will not give us anything that he knows we can't handle.
I have not been living my life in the way I know I am suppose to. I just want you to know that after reading your post, I know that this is going to change!!
My thoughts are with you daily!
May God Bless you and your Family!

Anonymous said...

After reading your post I cant help but hold my babies close and love them. When my days are crazy and wild, as they can be with 4 kids, I find that I can get just a moment of spiritual peace after reading your post.
Thank you for sharing with us the love, and peace you are recieving from our Heavenly Father!

Olsens R Us said...

I thought about you again during several talks this morning. I'm glad conference is a comfort for so many of us, in so many circumstances. What a blessing to know that the heavens are still open, and that the Lord still speaks to us today. He truly knows how to succor his people. (As spoken so eloquently today by Elder Holland) I'm so grateful that you have such a strong testimony to help you through this, the most agonizing of trials. The hope that Elder Scott spoke of, while it cannot remove the earthly sorrow and longing, makes all the difference in the eternal perspective. Thank you for your constant reminder of what it means to walk by faith and live with hope.

D-9 said...

That was well written. I loved what you had to say about "the broken heart" being a miracle to be healed. Words can not describe how I feel this morning after reading that line. You are a true blessed woman of amazing words. It is wonderful getting to know you better.
Love Denine
Angel Tanner's mom

Heather B.... said...

Interestingly enough, like many others, I too thought of you during conference. Brother Pino's words brought tears to my eyes. I cannot begin to understand how you have shouldered this tragedy. But I am constantly inspired by the words that you write and your strength. I am so grateful that we have the gospel to uplift us, remind us and give us hope. I, like you, am so grateful for eternal families.