Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Party Planning

Annie catching snowflakes on her tongue last month when it snowed.

Tomorrow we are holding a birthday party for Ann Marie. Her birthday is the next week but we will not be around to do a party then so ...

I am planning to do an old fashioned kid party here at the house. We invited her whole school class. Kindergarten is the only year I do that. Most of our birthday parties are confined to family and neighbors and are mostly just cake and ice cream with a few presents. I try to keep it simple to minimize stress and cost.

Annie wanted a Tinkerbell party this year. So we bought all Tinkerbell plates and cups and invites. She says I am to make a white cake with white frosting and to do my best to draw Tinkerbell on it. "Just try your best Mom. Can you do that?" she says. Now I have done a Cinderella cake before but only with detailed instructions from Wilton and a preformed pan to guide me. I am still working on how I will work Tink onto this cake. 

For games we will do some old favorites with a Tink twist. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, I am making a life size drawing of Annie as a fairy. I will have her lie down on butcher paper and trace her in pencil. Then I will "do my best" to draw her in a Tink sideways pose. I have paper wings that each kid will be given. They will try to pin the wings on the Annie Fairy. I have done this in the past with pin the crown on the princess. I like this game because I keep the butcher paper and it gives me an easily storable record of how big my child was on their birthday that year.

We will also be playing a game inspired by the Tinkerbell movie. The kids will search the backyard for "lost things" that we have hid back there. We have buttons, safety pins, beads, and tongue depressors. When they find a lost thing, they bring it to Annie who acts like Tink by decoding what prize the lost thing can get them. 

We will also have a pinata because ... well they are fun, Annie wanted one, and I really need to get rid of the last of our Halloween candy. If we have extra time, we will also play name that tune with disney songs and maybe a round of musical chairs. Those were always two of my favorites when I was little.

So what are your favorite kid party games? I would love some ideas for tomorrow or the future.


Anonymous said...

Stephanie -

I think you have pretty much hit them all - you're such a great mom. I'm sure everyone will have a blast!!!


Amy said...

What fun ideas you have (I may have to use some in the near future). :) I like a variation game of musical chairs. The kids sit in a circle and pass around a balloon while music is on. When the music stops, the person with the balloon is out and can help with controlling the music.

Anonymous said...

Hi! LOVE you blog! We had a "princess" party several years ago for our 2 girls and we played a game similar to a cake walk w/ a huge foam princess puzzle - we played the music and bought cheap little treats and each time the music stopped we had a WINNER!! We also played a snow white game with an apple that is like "hot potato" - that was a big hit too!!
Maybe you can tie one of these ideas into a "Tinker-Bell" theme!
Hope the party goes well!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

the most fun kid-party game we play is "turn the kids loose in the backyard"! : ) i will try something like musical chairs next time because i remember that being so fun as a kid!

have a wonderful time! happy birthday ann marie!!!!!!

julie : )

kathyrn_m said...

I was going to suggest a version of "hot potato" but I see it has been already mentioned. Always a hit at our parties.

Another game that is cheap, fun and not at all time consuming is to have a small jar of jellybeans and ask each guest to guess the number. The winner of course wins the jellybeans.

One year, my Mom baked a shiney penny in the cake and the one who got that piece got a prize. I am not sure it's such a good idea due to choking concerns but maybe it will inspire a similiar but safer idea. I suppose it wasn't totally trecherous as we all knew there might be a special surprise in our slice so everyone "dissected" with great care. Perhaps a tic-tac or a "jelly-belly" would work better. I do remember how much fun we all had eating the cake:)

We also had a "lucky" napkin and plate. Randomly mark an X (or draw a small tinkerbell) on the bottom of a cup and inside one napkin. Don't tell the children until after the cake & drinks have been consumed. They seemed to love the surprise element. (plus you don't want them tipping over their drinks to take a peek)

Yet another is to have the kids guess Annie's birth weight - that's a real hoot!

Hope the festivities are fabulous!

love 'n hugs,

denisejorgy said...

A cute game we played was everyone got a balloon and we had a hula hoop in the middle. Everyone blew up their balloons and then let them go and the one that landed the closest was the winner (only downside is blowing and reblowing up the balloons-get a compressor for that one). We also played Princess, princess, Queen (duck, duck, goose-my 5 year old daughter made that one up). I love any game they have to do as two teams-run down and try on big clothes, take them off and let someone else do it. Also a bubble gum blowing contest is always fun. With the other comment instead of a penny you could use a nut (it's edible-unless someone is allergic to nuts) my mom-in-law does that at Christmas and gives away $ (so much fun) Have fun with all the partying. Happy Birthday Annie.

Anonymous said...

As the previous commenter said, Duck, Duck, Goose can be adapted to almost any party theme. I teach kindergarten and we played Merry, Merry, Christmas at our party last month and I've done two different versions for my son's birthdays.

Another fun but easy one is Hide the _____ (Tinkerbell). If you have a small Tink toy, you have one child hide it in a room while the others are in a different room. When it's hidden the children come out and the hider tells them hot and cold until they find it.

Good luck!

Amanda said...

Wow, what a lucky girl your Annie is, to have you as a mom

RandiSue said...

It is too late for this cake but in the future you can lay wax paper over a coloring book page of the birthday theme character and use royal icing to star pipe or color flow your character. When the icing has dried and is hard just peel it off the wax paper and lay it on your cake.

Heidi said...

That sounds fun. I haven't heard of the Tinkerbell movie--is that different than just normal Peter Pan?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun Stephanie. Charlotte would love it!

On a more serious note: Can you answer something for me? It's about the concept of eternal families. If a partner dies, can the surviving spouse re-marry at some point? There is someone from your faith whom I care about, whose husband died. She has one child. I ache for her in her loneliness and grief. Is there hope for her to one day find new love, and if so, how did this reconcile with the eternal family created with her husband and child?

With love,


Stephanie said...


Yes your friend can re-marry. If she got married in the temple to her husband they were likely "sealed" for all eternity. If she falls in love again and wants to marry, she would marry for "time" meaning her second marriage would be like any other that is until death do you part.

In the hereafter she would be joined again with her late husband to whom she was sealed for time and all eternity.

Hope that helps.

Grandma B said...

We just celebrated my 3 year-old grand daughter's early birthday party tonight. (Her mommy is having a new baby in a week so hence the party is moved up a month.) She also had a Tinkerbell party! They did a cute craft where they stapled a irridescent star to giant plastic pixie stick with powdered punch inside to make a tinkerbell fairy wand. The kids loved them. They also bought the Tinkerbell bingo cards and used Smartie to mark the picture bingo cards. They got the at Target along with little tin Tink purses to put treats in. It was a success! Your party games sound great. Good luck. I love your blog and feel I know your family personally. Oh, and pregnant women dream crazy dreams. Try not to put to much stock in the dreams. Put your name on the prayer roll at the temple. Love, Janet

Anjali said...

I just stumbeled across your blog today and had tears in my eyes reading the first post...

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