Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today marks 4 months since our last night at home in Las Vegas. Texas is a lovely place and the weather has finally cooled off. It is green and the people are friendly and kind. The sky here is huge and beautiful and often inspiring.

But I am just feeling a little bit homesick. I know it seems crazy to miss the desert, but I do. I miss the people there whom I love so much. I miss our house. I miss the purple mountains and desert storms. I just miss home.

I have dealt with homesickness plenty of times before. I am sure I will deal with it many times again. It isn't so fun. But really there are lots of worse things to deal with in the world. So I am going to count my blessings.

Let me tell you 10 things I love about Texas in an effort to look on the bright side.

10- We have a big grassy backyard.
9- I have some really friendly kind neighbors.
8- The church congregation (ward) I go to here is full of great people who are teaching me new things and becoming good friends to me.
7- The State fair has really good lemonade and corn dogs.
6- The Perot Museum is amazing and we have an annual pass.
5- We have season passes to Six Flags and it isn't crowded all the time.
4- I found an amazing piano teacher for my kids.
3- This move has brought to light some parenting issues that I might not have seen if we had stayed in Vegas.
2- We get to spend lots of time with my brother Stephen and his lovely family.
1- Jon has a great job that he enjoys doing.

Well, I am going to keep adding to that list on my own time. Thanks for listening and if you are in Las Vegas--- hope you are feeling my love come through.


Taylors said...

I love this post! We moved to Henderson from North Dakota about the same time you moved to Texas. Funny that this weekend I have missed ND so much... I think it must have been conference and that I just got an invite to one of my primary kids' upcoming baptism in ND. Your post made me smile, and think of my own 10 good things about Henderson.. number one, my kids aren't wearing snow suits to school!!! Love your blog :)
Camie Taylor

Catherine Noorda said...

I miss you too. That was a good list. It let me know more about what your life is like there. What's the perot museum?

Susan said...

Would you be willing to expand a little on #3? Or, more specifically, why you might have missed it if you had stayed in Vegas. My curiosity is not for prying but for any available protips. Thank you!