Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall in Texas

Sometimes I just ache to hold her.

My kids are growing up. My babies are not really babies anymore. We have moved on to a new chapter in life in so many ways. It is a good chapter so far. I am meeting new characters who are enriching my life. We are growing in new ways. In some ways it feels like I have lived here or been here in Texas forever but it still somehow isn't quite home yet.

It was a lovely fall day today. The soft air was a perfect temperature as I ran the kids to school. I slowed to a walk on my return to savor the season. It just felt like Fall. I decided I like Fall in Texas.

One fun thing I have done this fall in an effort to get to know my neighbors better is to host a weekly "community soup night" at my home. I invited my 50 closest neighbors to come to my home for a cup or bowl of soup each Tuesday in October. Tonight is the last soup night. I ask them to bring their own bowl and spoon to save me from the dishes or mess. I make a big batch of soup and we chat. It is like a little open house once a week. It has been an easy way to get to know some of my more social neighbors.

So far I have made sweet corn soup, carrot ginger soup, butternut squash soup, beef and barley chili, and tonight it is pumpkin soup on the menu. Each has turned out pretty well, but I think the sweet corn and pumpkin are probably my favorites.

When I have leftovers, I freeze them in muffin tins and pop them in a ziplock bag in the freezer for a quick lunch for myself or easy dinner to a sick friend.

It has been lots of fun and I have met about 8 new neighbors through it. How do you best get to know your neighbors?


Catherine Noorda said...

Wow. You have the best ideas. That's such a creative and welcoming way to get to know your neighbors and I absolutely love it. I want to come!

Anonymous said...

Your neighbors are lucky to have you as a neighbor, I wish you guys lived next to us :) I've been reading your blog for years and I think you are an amazing person and mom. Camille is a beautiful girl with her bright eyes and big smile. I'm so sorry she is not here with you.
I hope that you are enjoying your new home. You have such a sweet, beautiful family. Have a fun day today. Happy Halloween!

Puhlman said...

This is a great soup if you want to try it. I found it on pinterest and made up a big batch to share with people. And I got great reviews. It is a little on the hefty side with calories....

1 pound of sausage (browned)
6 cups chicken broth
fresh spinach (I just threw some in....half a bag maybe)
2 can diced italian tomatoes
1 8oz. cream cheese
bag of cheese tortellini (either fresh or frozen)

After you brown the sausage just throw it all in a pan and boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes. And it is ready to go.

Nannette said...

Our street has block parties on occasion, especially in the spring when it is crawfish festival time. These Texans and their crawfish are pretty funny- that is something to look forward to. Oh, and rodeo is pretty big, but that might just be a Houston thing. I think crawfish are an acquired taste. The other thing that helps to get to know neighbors is to let my kids play outside. They meet the neighbors kids then I meet the neighbor's moms.