Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A hard thing

Wow. This while moving thing is really hitting me today. This is a hard thing.

I am grateful for Jonathan's job.
I am grateful for this nice house we found to live in.
I am grateful for my children.
I am grateful for my husband.
I am grateful to have my brother Stephen and his wife Rachel close by.
I am grateful for what seems like a great ward filled with friendly helpful people.

All that being said, the truth is I am feeling a bit lost without the deep and abiding ties I feel to my people in my desert. Wow this is a hard thing!

I can do hard things... right?


KT said...

Moving is so hard. We've moved 10 times in 9 years of marriage, and it really doesn't get easier (moving that is).

My advice? Give yourself the time you need to adjust. Also, try to get out; places start to feel more like home the less "lost" I feel when I am out and about.

Good luck

shanan said...

You've got this Steph! There's no one more emotionally strong than you are!

Kris M. said...

It has to be so hard; yes you can do hard things and best of luck with everything! Just keep praying!

Gwen said...

Hang in will be a little hard to drop by some chicken noodle soup on our way to Arizona, just sayin'....... :)

Puhlman said... know how they say that when things get really tough you should pray? Well things in my life are really though and I have let prayer kind of slip to the side. I know it is a terrible thing. But after reading your blog tonight I set the computer aside and got on my knees and mentioned you by name in my prayer. I cried thinking of how your heart must hurt. You left behind a lot of wonderful things and people. Most importantly.....the most important person. I do want you to know that He knows your sadness and pain. I am grateful for you thankful post. Even with your immense amount of heartache you made it a point to be grateful. You are a great example. I hope you feel some peace and help with this move.

The Lucksters said...

You can do it! I moved in Dec from a home/ward/neighborhood we lived in for 15 years. My kids grew up there. (one is still growing). I knew everyone there. Man, Women and Children. Everyone. Our first time at church was strange. The next week the chior sang. It was strange. I knew no one. Now 6 months later, I realize I already know a lot of people. Really great people. I got a couple of callings. And life is Good! Enjoy the "down time". (you will get buzy again with all the stuff-school, sports, church) ANd look at it as a journey. Its fun and different. You always have your Family, and its so great. We got even closer.
You will do it.