Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Mr. Romney

Dear Mr. Romney,

I just wanted to write you a letter to thank you. I am sure it has been an arduous year campaigning. And I have no doubt the last several years have been full of difficult decisions for you and your family as you have weighed the costs of entering the very public forum of running for President of the United States. Now here we are just five days from the election and I have something to say to you. "Thank you for choosing to run."

Whether you win or lose, I am just so grateful that you ran. I am 37 years old and this is the first time I have ever voted for a Presidential candidate without reservations of conscious. Isn't that sad? I always have had reservations about either the candidates abilities or moral corruptibility or ambitions for shear power. I mean I hoped all the other men I voted for would do a good job if they won. Well except last time. I only voted for McCain because I was pretty sure he would lose in Nevada and I didn't want to vote for either of the candidates because I didn't believe either of them could handle the mess we were in. I didn't want to be part of the blame for putting them in office.

And it isn't that I hate President Obama. I just don't think he has the background and experience necessary to get us out of the economic mess we find ourselves in at this time. See, I am actually a moderate. I don't agree with everything either party advocates. I think President Obama has done some great and essential things in his term. But I feel like he has been putting bandaids on the economy (not that we didn't need a few bandaids.)

But our economy doesn't need more bandaids. It needs a cure. We need to address the causes of the injury and simply handing out more government dollars to stop the bleeding isn't going to fix it.

I believe fully that you have the experience and background and knowledge to bring about that fix. It is not an easy task. It will take making hard decisions about what things we really ought to spend our tax dollars on and which we should not. But that is what you have been doing your whole life and you have done well for your family and your company. I am sure you will do well for our country too if given the chance.

I may not agree with every decision you would make as President. That doesn't give me reservations about voting for you because I feel like we agree on the most important priorities. I agree that it is immoral to be spending money we are borrowing from China or anywhere else. I am worried about our deficit and our national debt. That hemorrhaging needs to stop.

I agree that we must have a government that looks to help small business to get jobs out there in the market. Anyone who has ever owned a small business, as you have, knows that small businesses are the bread and butter of our society. We need to make sure they are free to succeed and grow and hire more people without undue interference from government and excessive taxes.

I also agree that we need to invest in education and create a strong middle class. I believe you lean more moderate in these areas. Education and the middle class are areas we need to foster growth in any way that works.

I like that you are not a politician by career. You may not always say things in a polished way but I like your way of leading by principles and working with others to negotiate the details. I think that will be far more effective in getting anything in Washington done. We have gone too long without that kind of leadership. The only time Bill Clinton got anything meaningful done and balanced the budget bringing America to a prosperous time was when he worked together with the Republican Congress.

I think the best governing happens when the parties work together and come to the middle. Your experience in Massachusetts working with so many liberal Democrats makes me believe you can make that happen.

I believe you can get America back to work.

Thank you for running so that I can vote for someone I really believe would do an excellent job as President of the United States. Win or lose, I appreciate all you have been through to give me and millions of other Americans a chance to vote for someone whom they really believe has the experience, skills, intelligence, morals, and strength of integrity to serve Americans well as our President.

Stephanie Waite

ps to my readers: I know this post is political. I don't do those often. But please keep any comments kind and clean. We can respect others viewpoints right? This is directed at both sides. Please no Romney or Obama bashing.


Heather H said...

Well said!! I voted for Obama last time (and I live in Utah county!!) because I really hoped he would be able to accomplish the things he was hoping to do but it seems like working together is not something the people in Washington DC do well. I hope whoever wins this election will be able to work together to get our country back on track.

Mindy said...

Love. Love.

Brittany said...

Well said.

Katie said...

Thank you for this post!

For the first time for me, as well, I'm excited to vote for a president.

I believe Mitt Romney will be a great president

Anonymous said...

I, also, thank Romney for running. It makes our choice very clear.

Heather said...

There was a great article yesterday in the RJ-from the Washington Post though-by a man who wrote a book or an article about lessons America can learn about getting out of debt by looking to Canada who turned billions of dollars worth of debt into billions of dollars of surplus not very long ago. And it was mainly accomplished by what you suggested-blurring the silly party lines and just doing what's best!

Lesley said...

I hope you send that letter.

chercard said...

Amen! I also think Ann Romney is an amazing woman. They would restore th dignity and honor back to that office. Prayers for the best thing to happen on Tuesday!

Angie said...

I have never been so "into" an election before in my life...because I am so excited to vote for Romney. I just believe in him. As a person, a businessman, and our president. I hope you send this letter to him. I think he needs to see it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this letter. I am an Obama supporter and have often felt disappointment in my fellow church goers for being down right awful to our President. I will fully support Mitt Romney as President if he wins and will continue to pray and hope that Congress can figure out how to get the needed work of the country done! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl forgot or ignored - "no bashing" . . . said...

hii m just a zoomer(surfing from blogs to blogs smile), to improve the economy the country's per capita income shud increase.
it can be done by increasing the production that can be industrial, agricultural, or anything that has value
it creates jobs,growth and everything goodie goodie

now the countrys main valueable production is industrial which is controlled by industialist

dear here comes the term lobbying.
these top most companies give funds for presenditial elections in short its like a bet if a company funding election for xxx party and if their horse wins cos. get cheap raw material, may be land , contracts etc which normally would have given lots of money for the country

so tell dear will it matter if u choose this horse or other even though the horse is strong well knowledgeable
they are tied by the companies
m not opposite companies .
m not opposite any president
m not suppose to tell wat i feel
coz m not from urs country ,
where i stay the country is even more corrupted than urs and here a new scam comes up every day or two
but there is no difference bout whatever i said above the same applies in my country too smile

Danielle said...

I seriously hope you sent this to the campaign. I feel that it echo's the many of us who feel the same. Beautifully written!

Unknown said...

Dear Stephanie, having known you in 1996 while we were in DC and you were working for Harry Freaking Reid, I'm surprised at your letter. Beautifully written and inspired. I have never been so excited for an election and had several days of "blues" this past week.... But, hey, now I'm happy to know you've grown up and come to the dark side...haha ! Thanks for the pep up !

All the best, Eric