Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I just woke up in a panic from a terrible nightmare. It is one of many I have had recently. It seems like anytime I am allowed to sleep till I naturally wake, those last few minutes get filled in with my recurring nightmare.

It's always the same. Something terrible has happened to one of our kids. Usually the dream centers on Harrison. This one did. Usually in my nightmare he is lost or about to drown or in danger of drowning and I can't get to him. This one had all three of those in succession.

How do you shake off a nightmare when you live the reality of it everyday?


Anonymous said...

So sorry. When that happens to me I remind myself that it was not real - and it did not happen. I find something funny to read or watch on TV or the computer. I pray for comfort and peace.

It's OK to be afraid - something horrible happened to you and your mind is always accommodating that. It's normal that it would manifest itself in your dreams. Normal, but awful. Talk to God and you will feel a little better.

Karol said...

So sorry, Stephanie. I dealt with a great deal of nightmares for awhile and nothing I did would make them stop. This was especially bad when I began providing child care for another child. I finally gave in and saw a therapist. He helped me alot. I am not sure if therapy is the answer for you but wanted to share this anyway. Alot of people (especially christians) are opposed to therapy. They tend to think that it is a heart issue and they should trust more, pray harder, have more faith. When we experience something as traumatic as you and I have, it is more than a heart issue, it is a brain issue. A really good christian trauma expert can help.
I will keep you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

That i a good question! Xanex is what gets me through those nightmares. After you have experienced the ultimate loss, it is ard to rewire the brain. At least that has been the case for me.

DeAnna said...

Push forward, just grind, bear it and tell yourself you CAN do this, you MUST keep moving forward. It is easier said than done, to push thru the intense grief that is such an unmeasurable loss. And in those nightmare moments, pray for strength and pray for the nightmare reminders to be gone.

Look into help, look into further grief counseling or just plain counseling. There are people with LDS family services who are there for people like you, who can help you heal at your core. Hugs & prayers!

Mary Ann said...

I've always found that talking about nightmares is a healthy way to get around it. In fact, I had a recent FHE lesson with my children about it, and learned some surprising things about the sorts of things my children are scared of. It's actually allowed me to help them understand some of the scarier things in life.