Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Through a child's eyes

Sometimes we parents get a rare candid look at how our children see this life we are sharing with them. I have been letting each girl have a night with mom since Jon has been out of town. They sleep with me and get to stay up an extra half hour with me.

Tonight is Annie's night. I needed to clean downstairs and she wanted to write on her blog so that is how we spent our half hour up late together. At the end of out time she let me read what she wrote. It melted my tired bones. Read it HERE.

I have high hopes for her post tomorrow because when Annie sets her mind to doing something she usually does it 150%.


Jocelyn said...

What an amazing daughter you have!

shanan said...

Steph. Seriously. Why don't we live closer to each other!? I'm sorry this week has been so stressful. But, with Ann Marie working that charm of hers, I know you'll be well taken care of until Jon gets home!

stefanie said...

You have amazing kids! You are seriously my role model. And, I know that exact feeling she was describing with the heads to the back of the hands and screaming "STOP!"...oh man. You are a blessed woman. I struggle to find that constant patience. I HAVE to have my nanny. You are a good woman and mother.

Judy said...

What a sweet little girl!! Made me teary eyed to read her post!!!