Friday, August 24, 2012


Changes have been taking place around the Waite home lately. We are about to embark on the new adventure of having a child in middle school. This has brought some pretty significant changes to our home for me, and for the kids.

Personally, I have found this transition to be going far more smoothly than I could have imagined. I put together a week long, 3 hour per day, day camp for 17 girls all starting middle school together from 4 different elementary schools last week. I had 3 moms be in charge of each day and it gave the girls a chance to get to make new friends and get to know a few people better before that socially intimidating first day of school. Plus they had fun. :0)

We did get to know you games and team building exercises the first day. The second and fourth days they swam. The third day they went roller skating. The last day they made matching necklaces and did other crafty things together. Then a few of the moms and daughters went over to Bread and Butter for a cooking class for the girls. Chef Chris was so great!

I feel very good about Sabrina's schedule and her teachers. She has friends in every class and some friends in 3 or 4 classes. She also has been doing more babysitting at home. I have trained her all summer and she can now change diapers (both wet and stinky), bathe and get boys dressed, put boys to bed, make a few simple meals and handle the boys for limited amounts of time. It has been HUGE to be able to leave her babysitting so I can run errands without little boys.

In light of these new responsibilities, the fact that she will have textbooks at home that need to be out of the reach of little boys' hands, and the fact that she will be waking up an hour earlier than the other kids, we felt it was time for Sabrina to get her own space in our home. So last weekend we dismantled the playroom and created a bedroom specifically for Sabrina. 

Here are some photos she took of it. Note that we haven't decorated. I figure a room makeover budget might be a great birthday present. :)

She is thrilled with the new space and has been working to keep it clean. 

As I drove to the elementary school open house today I noted that we will never have 3 kids at a school again. This year Camille would have started Kindergarten. In her absence there will never be 3 Waites at that school again. By the time Noble starts Annie will be in 6th grade. I had a plan for everyone to have a buddy 2 years ahead of them in school. But life happens and changes happen-some good some bad. And so we play the hand we are dealt and make the new plan beautiful.


Unknown said...

Laynee would have started kindergarten too. A very painful milestone.

Wrights said...

Hi Stephanie. I've followed your blog for a couple of years now. I live in SLC with my family (Sugarhouse area) and love it. But my husband does real estate/property management in Las Vegas and has been commuting back and forth for a couple years now. I've put off moving as long as I can because I love the area, neighborhood, and my family is relatively close. But I think it's about time to bite the bullet and move to Vegas. Would you mind if I emailed you with some questions about the area?


Lesley said...

I love what you did for your daughter... the day camp, her own room. What great ideas! What a great mom!

I remember the year my daughter should have started kindergarten. I received a letter in the mail from the school inviting her and me to a kindergarten pre-view. This was months after her passing and I had other children attending the school. I knew it was an oversight to send the letter to me... but it hurt.

You are right... we play the hand we are dealt and we make a new beautiful plan. Well said.