Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chain Emails - What to think about when sitting.

What do you do when you get one of those chain emails? I have gotten these countless times from lots of my good friends over the years. Years ago when I first got them and if they were something I thought might be a good idea (like the recipe exchange one) I would go ahead and send them along. But I never once got a single thing back from them.

So then when I got them I felt bad not keeping up the chain because I didn't want to let the person down who was expecting something but I also didn't want to obligate any of my friends to keep the chain going. I came up with a new solution. Now when I get one of these I email back the person who sent it to me and tell them I just don't do any chain things and if it is for a recipe thing or something simple like that I send a couple of recipes along with my email so they can get something out of it.

What do you do? And who starts these things?

I know this is a random post but it is what popped into my head when I was thinking about what to write about today. I have spent much of today sitting. I sit a lot lately. My pelvis is coming apart and it hurts to walk or do anything else that requires me to lift one leg without the other. So I have been sitting.

I need a good book to read. I just ordered a few off Amazon. Some Deeanne Gist novels I haven't read. I like her books because they are set in historical settings and they are clean. I also ordered another that Amazon recommended. We'll see about that one.

Other than that I have watched my fair share of Little Bear with Noble. He is napping now. I am obviously scrapping for blogging subjects. Any suggestions?


Karol said...

If you haven't read the book "Heaven is for Real" I highly recommend it.

Carolyn said...

Delete. I delete them, and I don't think twice about it.

Steph, I totally feel for your last month! I can almost feel that feeling for you. I always start to feel claustrophobic especially towards the end of pregnancy! Will it ever end?!!!

Aaron's valentine gift to me was a weekend trip to Vegas by myself! I plan on just sleeping sleeping sleeping, and actually getting fully ready (hair & makeup). And not changing any diapers or doing any dishes. I don't think I will really see much family except for my mom cuz I seriously plan on not leaving her guest bed. *blissful*

Hmmm, good books. I just read Extreme Gardening by a guy from Arizona. :) Gearing up for that desert sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I delete them . . .

You might enjoy reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.

I love the Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. I suggest reading them in order. They should be at your local library.

As for the stress of pregnancy, I've been there too and send positive thoughts your way.

JimandDebby said...

I loved Sarah's Key...felt like I really learned something about France and the Holocast. It's an easy read. I recomend Jesus the Christ if you really want to dive in to something. I've been reading it and marking scripture references in my personal scriptures. It might take me years, but I really have enjoyed it. Bath tub soaking, end of pregnancy favorites: anything Erma Bombeck. I love your blog. Love from Croatia..

beantater said...

Delete, delete, those emails are practically spam.

Sarah's Key is a bit traumatic for a third trimester female - I thought it was devastating and I wasn't even pregnant. Maybe hold off on that one!

Just reread Gone With the Wind and it was as fabulous as ever.

The Lucksters said...

Oh I hate chain emails. Some make you feel so bad. Like "if you dont send it to so many people you will get cancer or your car will break down". They scare me. So... when I start getting down to the part where I know its going to be a chain, I just stop reading! If I never read that part, I dont know what it said. Yup, then I "accidently" hit delete. Its gone and I just dont know what happened to it.!? I have never felt bad again.
My favorite book is "East of Eden" by Steinbeck. It is great. I am reading it again and love it better. I was actually sad when I finished it the first time. I wanted it to go on.
I read The Maze Runner, and the sequel The Scorch Trials, because of you. Both real good. Any idea about the 3rd one? Name and due date.
Maybe you could blog on yout top 5 or 10 books.
Good luck with the baby.
After I had my boy, I cried for 6 months when ever I saw a "ready to deliver" mom. The memory was even painful. The discomfort. Hopefully you wont run into me and I make you feel worse by crying. Cant wait to here your post about the new one.

Cardalls said...

Book Ideas: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Help, These Is My Words, Left to Tell, Recovering Charles

Chain emails...not worth my time...delete without any guilt!

(my word verification was in enema? really??)

abby's photo shoppe said...

Just a tip! When I was pregnant with my first and had some major hip pain I went swimming at Ricks College. They had nice cool water and the INSTANT I lowered myself into the water the pressure was off my nerves and bones and I was able to relax. Totally different than a bath. So just a suggestion to go to a pool because it made a world of difference to me in that last month (I only gained 60lbs, what's the big deal??? :))

Ashlie said...

If it's cute and funny, I may forward it but I'll delete the silly portion that includes "if you don't send this to at least 10 people in the next 10 minutes terrible luck will befall you etc."

Hang in there Stephanie, you can do it!

Ruthie said...

Definitely The Ladies No 1 Detective Agency - and I recently enjoyed Lah's Orchestra, also by Alexander McCall Smith. He's written tons. I think he has good insight into 'people', but is quite gentle with them.

Anonymous said...

I hope desperately some day to be a mother...but I'm 38, still not married, and running out of time! :( It is a great sadness to not be able to experience the "misery/pain" you feel in your condition :) tough as it is, I am envious of you! Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Parenting Topic Suggestion:
How can we teach our children to be aware/alert to people who would take advantage of them - i.e. not the stranger danger thing - by cheating, scamming, lying, stealing, etc. - as we model integrity in our own personal interactions?

Anonymous said...

"Protecting the Gift"(keeping children and teenagers safe, and parents sane.) by, Gavin De Becker. Really good book on trusting your instincts, and how to know when to spot a bad situation. ***One of the best books I have ever read!!*** Another really good book is "Putting on the Armor of God" by Steven A. Cramer. He goes into great detail about Satan and his followers and how much they temp us every day, he also tells about why it is so important to pray, and read scriptures daily. Very eye opening book! :)

Good Reads...