Thursday, December 15, 2011


Eight months old and eight teeth! I am loving this little "wormy" boy. Harrison likes to worm his way along the floor pushing with his right big toe. He can crawl. He does more and more these days. But most of the time he crawls a few feet and then drops down to his tummy to push himself along the floor wormy style.

He is most drawn to the stairs (though he hasn't made it past the first step), the shoe caddy closet (bins of shoes and socks to throw all over) and the car bin. Luckily he hasn't disturbed the Christmas presents too much.

He is a snuggle bug and will wrap his arms around your neck when you hold him. He loves to run his hands through the back of my hair and hold on to it. I love that. He is precious to me. Those eyes, those lips, that happy, peaceful disposition... what is not to love?


Amber Grimshaw said...

He looks so much like the pictures of your sweet angel. What a blessing!

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Wow... he is absolutely EDIBLE!! How adorable! You are right Stephanie... what's not to love?

Judy said...

He is such a beautiful little man!!! I could stare at those eyes all day!!!

Jessica Taylor said...

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Robin said...

Stephanie this little guy is beautiful - oh so so cute and he looks so much like Camille who also was beautiful and oh so cute.

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful. I can see Camille in him, but so much Harrison too.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Stephanie! We will actually be in the US in January but unfortunately not in Vegas, otherwise I would have emailed you..!


MMM&M said...

boy I think he looks like Camille, don't you? Sweet boy!!