Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We recently went to visit my brothers' and their families in Southern California. While there, my sister in law Elizabeth took some family photos for us. 

I am so grateful for her doing this for us. I am grateful for the miracle of photography. So often when I am missing this little girl:
I look down and see this little boy:
and I am grateful beyond words for him...
and for her...
and the photos I have that preserve my memories.


Sarah S. said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Those photos are a blessing.

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Amazing... the love in the eyes Stephanie! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Emily in Wonderland said...

They looks so much alike! How wonderful! It will be such a joy to watch him grow and imagine what Camille will look like when you get to raise her! :D

You two make beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

They really do look so alike in those last two photos, Stephanie.

Much love,


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