Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am thankful for Jonathan. I am thankful that he is ambitious and driven and strong headed and highly intelligent and full of integrity and humble and spiritual and patient with me and funny and loving.

He is not a perfect man. But he is a perfect fit for me. Our imperfections and faults are ones we can handle while we work to improve them. He is so patient with me in mine. He is endlessly giving and loving to me.

I feel blessed to be sealed to him for all eternity as his spouse. I still often thank my Heavenly Father for the miracle He performed to bring us together and turn Jonathan's heart to me.

Jonathan is my partner, my love, my teacher, my support, and my very best and closest friend. I am grateful for Jonathan.


Karen UK said...

Did he tell you to write this? lol! I was just thinking the same thing about my husband this morning-how we balance each other out. I don't think it was always like this and I don't know if it is us who have moulded or the Lord but I'm pretty sure He's had a big hand in it whichever.

Jonathan Waite said...

Karen -- shhhhh. Don't tell anyone -- I know Stephanie's login password...