Friday, September 23, 2011

Lose it

My neighbors have turned me on to a great tool in my effort to lose my baby weight. It is a website called Lose It at It is free. Love that. You enter your weight and height and all that and it will help you track your calories to help you lose weight.

I have been doing Weight Watchers and have doing well. I am down to my last 5 lbs. But these 5 have been stubborn and my motivation has been waning. Lose it is similar in many ways as it has you track what you eat and your exercise. But the part I love about Lose it is the network of friends.

You see with Lose it (and yes it has a mobile app) you add your friends to it and then they can see what you eat and how much you exercise. They also can see how much you gain or lose. Talk about accountability. I love it. I have been so inspired by my neighbors who have lost 22 and 34 lbs. They are doing so great. Right now they are the only friends I have on Lose it.

Are any of you on Lose it? If so I would love to add you as friend. My email is stephaniewaite at gmail dot com. So go check it out and add me as a friend if you sign up. We can help each other!

please note that I have not been compensated or contacted by lose it. i just share what i love.


Gina said...

I love Lose It and have been using it for sometime. I am down 44 pounds! The fact that it is on my phone makes it so easy to remember to log my food. In the beginning I was quite shocked to learn how many calories were in some of the foods I ate. Best of luck to you!

Rachel said...

My husband used Lose It to help him with his calorie intake. He lost 100 lbs. I recommend it all the time! :)