Friday, August 19, 2011


Today I went to a funeral. It was for a man I have known all my life. I grew up with two of his sons. He and his wife have a house near my parents old house. His name was Ron Gifford. I last saw Ron about a month ago at a meeting for Jon's business.

Ron was a funny, smiling, happy man. I loved his humor. He was one of those people who you couldn't help but smile around. He died rather suddenly after having a heart attack and then quadruple bypass surgery. He was 68.

His funeral was in the same chapel where we held Camille's funeral. We went to church together with Ron and his wife for the first 8 months of Camille's life. This is the first time someone I know and who crossed paths with my Camille in this life has gone on to that other side of life we know as death.

And I wonder if they have met over there as well. I wonder if she has seen him and if he might have said, "Oh hey, I just saw your mom and dad a bit ago. They had your baby brother Harrison with them. They are doing so well."

I feel like maybe such a meeting could take place ... like maybe it has in some form. It makes me feel one step closer to Camille to think so. I look at dying people with a small bit of envy now. Not that I want to die because I just have way too much to live for. But I do envy them being able to so soon be where my Camille is.

Heaven is a happier place today. Ron is there. I am sad he has left us. I am especially sad for him family and how much they will miss him in the days, months, and years to come. But I am happy for heaven to have such a bright light returning home.


Erin said...

Ron is my husband's uncle. I would say you can be pretty confident that Ron has scooped Camille up and already given her some love and laughed with her - he loved little kids, and was so happy with all he came in contact with. My 4-yr old adored him for that very reason. We will definitely miss our Uncle Ron...heaven gained a sweet happy soul this week.

Rachel said...

My dad passed away when I was twelve. Five years later, one of his friends was dying and my mom went to visit him. The last thing he told her was, "I will tell Mike hello for you!" That touched me and amazed me. Though we were sad that he was passing away, the thought that within the next few days he would be talking with my dad was a very sweet one. I'm sure meetings like that take place.

Rach said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. I can totally relate to what you said about Ron meeting Camille. My mother passed away many, many years ago and every time I have a baby I think "You just left my Mom, I wish I could see her too". Sometimes I envy that too. I know meetings like that take place on the other side.

Lesley said...

In the nearly 20 years since my daughter's passing, I have often wondered if people who have passed since have seen her in the spirit world, and shared stories with her about us... it's a nice thought :)

Sassy said...

Ron is my grandma's cousin and I can assure you that he definitely scoop little Camille in his arms and told her funny jokes. At family reunions he always had the funniest jokes and stories to tell. He was such a happy guy.