Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oreo Truffles Move Over

Last week I made Oreo truffles for my SYTYCD Party. This week I made Lemon Ones. Ummm Yummm. I got some really nice lemon creme sandwich cookies. They were made with real lemons. I mixed 2 packages of these cookies crumbled in a food processor with 12 ozs. of cream cheese softened. I balled them and coated them in white chocolate with little sprinkles on top.

They are simply delicious. I totally recommend trying them. Next week I am trying mint Oreos.

Tonight the kids were all playing the street with the neighbor kids. We adults were out there chatting. The kids had water guns out and one of the dads was joining in the water fight. There were so many smiles, screams, giggles and a few tears from those who decided getting wet wasn't so fun. It was one of those nights when the air is the perfect temperature and all the world seems right. It was one of those nights that make up childhood memories.

Tonight I am grateful for lemon truffles, water guns, great neighbors, and unusually temperate weather here in Las Vegas. Can it really be June already? Happy days everyone.


Ashton and John's mom said...

mint oreos=super delicious! you won't go back to regular oreos after those! :)

Kristen said...

I love oreo truffles, but now I'm craving the lemon ones. YUM!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You can also make "Cake Balls." Just cook a regular cake as directed, when it has completely cooled,crumble it up and mix it with 1/2 container of frosting. Next, you make little balls and put them on a cookie sheet, and into the frige for 1/2 hr. Finally, you dip or zigzag them them with melted chocolate of your choice. These are really yummy too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

When you made the oreo truffles, did you remove the creme and just use the cookie or just crumble all of it?

Stephanie Waite said...

you just crumble the whole cookie, creme and all. The Lemon ones were also a creme filled sandwich cookie. The creme was the Lemon part. Just smash it till fine with a rolling pin in a ziplock bag or even easier - food process it till finely ground.

I have made cake pops too but these are WAY easier because you don't have to make the cake first and the dough balls easier without sticking to your hands so much.

Good luck,

Melissa Jones said...

I love how excited you get over your sweets. The excitement is contagious!!

Jill said...

The first time I had a oreo truffle I was hooked! They are so yummy! I dreamt about them. :) My Kelly had to make treats for the YW fundraiser dinner. We made up two plates of the truffles. They were a huge hit. One lady that bought some actually called us up and "ordered" more. After I read your post about lemon ones, Kelly got excited and made the mint oreo ones last night. She loves them!! We are going to try lemon ones next. I wish they were fat free! Love you! I often think back to those fun younger days in Cali. Hope we can meet up again sooner then later. :)

Jenessa said...

These sound so good. I'll give them a try next week with my kids. They like anything that gets their hands dirty and tastes good in the end. This will be our SYTYCD treat too, just on Thursday afternoon.