Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Mother of the Year"

The Wednesday before I left to Salt Lake for the AMI conference to represent Nevada as the the Young Mother of the Year I had to take Annie and Lauren to a dress rehearsal for dance. I pulled up to the theatre and opened the door to let them out. As they jumped out of the car I saw they had to get into a very long line to "check in" to the rehearsal. And in this long line were lots of kids all accompanied by their moms.

I had Noble and Harrison in the car and a list of things to do at home before my trip. So I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home feeling very much like the "mother of the year" who just ditched her kids at the curb. When I went to pick them up I learned I was supposed to get out and check them in and get a ticket to pick them up. I didn't have a ticket to pick them up but luckily they still let me have my kids. :0)

We all have these moments when we feel we just drop the ball and totally fall short as a mom. These are the tongue in cheek "mother of the year" moments. But they have felt a little different lately since I actually hold that title. Sometimes when I have these moments in public I almost feel like saying, "yes, I know, mother of the year here!" Then I would wait for the laugh and say, "no really I am!" I wonder if anyone would believe me.

Many of us Young Mothers at the conference shared some of these moments when we have felt unworthy of being named the actual mother of the year. Most of them were pretty funny. Anybody else care to share one of those "mother of the year moments?" They are good for a laugh in hindsight sometimes. Feel free to post your "mother of the year moment" anonymously. :)


Anonymous said...

Just yesterday my first-grader came home to a completely empty house . . . because I was at Child and Family Services. Ironic, no?

I was having a background check done so we can become foster parents and the lady there was running late.

Cheryl said...

We have had the stomach flu at our house. My oldest complained of a tummy ache this morning and I didn't really "hear" him. I sent him to school and he threw middle the hallway. Poor kid is humiliated, I feel terrible! yes mother of the year here!

LL said...

I had a stranger once call me to let me know they had found my lost child.....
only problem, I had yet to realize she was lost.
UGH! I'll never let go of that guilt.

Lena Baron said...

I've had that same thing happen. I was in the house caring for my newborn baby (first day home.) Hubby was "outside with the kids." I answered the door to a man holding my 18 month old. He asked me if he was mine and I was in shock. I just took my son and juggled the two babies in my arms as the man proceeded to tell me that my son was in the middle of the street and he wouldn't move for the man to drive by. So the man decided to find the boy's home. The whole ordeal was a miracle. But, oh I felt so so terrible!

Ingrid said...

Stephanie, it was a privilege to meet you at the convention. I wish we would have had more time to get to know each other.

My "Mother of the Year" moment came one day as I was about to get in the shower, and my 2 year old had undressed, thinking she was going to get in too. Just as I was heading toward the bathroom door, my toddler a few steps behind me, I saw our cat, doing that "cat-rubs-up-against-something-to-scratch-its-back" thing, right against a vase of flowers that was full of water, on my nightstand. Of course, the vase tipped over, spilling all the water and ruining my flowers, and in a moment of "super-mad-at-the-cat" haste, I grabbed that cat and chucked him behind me, out my bedroom door--all claws and cat hair flying, with his angry-cat "RrrrrEow!" sound--and right into my naked little 2 year old coming thru the door. She bears the scars on her chest to this day (9 years later)! We hugged and cried together, I felt SOOOO guilty! Yep, Mother of the Year here!

Anonymous said...

My 5-year-old, on an out-of-control behavior day, asked - "If I don't behave, will you make me go live at a shelter like the dogs that bite?" (on TV news)
My reply - "No, they don't take children."

Anonymous said...

Oh I could write a book!! Like the time I was taking my then 5 year old and 2 month old to the park with friends. We pulled up next to them and my 5 year old put down her window to wave so I'm getting my stuff together and put up the window to lock the car only to hear this strange noise and my child had stuck her head out of the window as I was putting it up - she had a mark on her neck for weeks (she was looking to see when you pull on the door handle inside if it moves on the outside). Then there was the time I thought it would be funny to scare my 8 year old on Halloween with a clown mask so hid behind the bathroom door with the light off and she came in and I jumped out and it was one of my worst parenting moments - she screamed and cried and tried to climb the wall - I thought she was going to have to have medication to calm down - I felt like the worst parent in the world - who would do that to their precious child??? In all honesty I didn't know about her aversion to clowns until that moment. So many more, but they still love me after all of that and I am forever grateful for their love and forgiveness as we navigate this life together!

Andrea said...

Um.. 2 nights ago my 6 year old had an injury at his baseball game so off we were to Urgent to get his head stapled up.

The VERY next morning one of my twin boys (16 months old) had climbed to the top of the bunkbed ladder (didn't know he could do that) and was repeatedly getting whacked in the head by the ceiling fan.

My heart stopped.

Thank goodness he was just fine. But the thought ran by me that we were going to have to go back to Urgent Care and get staples in yet another one of my 4 boys!


And I do happen to think you are Super MOM!

Ailmik said...

I was taking my 2 oldest boys to school and I had the 2 younger girls trapped into car seats. As I got ready to reverse out of the driveway I remebered I had forgotten a permission letter for the boys. I put on the handbrake and left the car running then ran to get the letter. When I returned all I could see was the car reversing without me in it and the kids laughing their heads off at me running after the car. The car mounted the curb on the other side of the road and luckily the ground was very soft and the car came to a halt. I had left the car in gear and not put the hand brake on hard enough. To top it all off the boys used the story for news in the classes. Really mother of the year

Olsens R Us said...

I'm scared at how many of these scenarios are ones that I have lived myself! Recently though, my 14 year old and 15 year old boys were wrestling. It was late at night, and I was "done". My 14 year old came in and said his thumb hurt. I told him it was late and he needed to just take some motrin and go to bed. The next morning he came in again to show me his thumb, now swollen and bruised and looking quite broken. A few hours, some x-rays and sporting a cast he said "No wonder the motrin didn't work". Now whenever someone gets hurt, they say "Oh, just take some motrin." Yup, I'm mother of the year around here!