Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Noble adjusting

Several people have asked me how Noble is doing with the new baby around. The answer is, "far better than I expected." Ever since Noble was about 18 months old he has been carrying around and sleeping with baby dolls. He likes to take care of his "babies." He has a natural love for little ones.

So the biggest problem we have had with Noble and our new baby Harrison is keeping Noble from "taking care" of this new baby. I have to be really careful to make sure never to leave the baby in a place where Noble can try to pick him up. This means I am holding either the baby or Noble lots.

Noble first meeting Harrison
But there hasn't been any of the jealousy issue or sibling rivalry that I have had with introducing some other babies to the family. Noble adores the baby. He loves to go over and give the baby kisses or hold the baby which he does while sitting on Mama's lap. He is quick to jump and run to help the baby and give him loves if Harrison cries.

 Still kissing brother.
Sharing lap space.

And other than that, Noble is being a super hero. Here he is enjoying a Superman outfit hand me down from cousins...
And a bit of Captain America
And Chocolate Pudding Man???

Love having "little boys" at home with me during the day. Savoring each moment of their "little" lives before they grow up and get hairy and leave me. :)


Tiffany said...

Oh Steph....I JUST LOVE YOU!! Love all the pictures! Harrison is the spittin' image of you! He's gorgeous just like all of your others. Loves to you!!

Anonymous said...

You are literally the "picture of happiness" today!

Judy said...

I LOVE Noble's pudding picture!!!! He is such a handsome little man!!

Anonymous said...

The hairy comment has left me giggling! Thomas was the most beautiful baby and little boy. Big brown eyes, lovely hair, flawless skin. He is 10 now. Still a lovely looking boy. But he is SO BIG. A bit SMELLY, and I know where I am heading. I had two brothers. I know. Yikes.



Stacey said...

My third child was just like Noble. She loved to love on the new little one and then the next little one. We used to call her love "scary love". The baby never knew what to do when he would see her coming at him with her love lips or to hold him. I was always near to help her with him. I loved watching it. You're right to concentrate on enjoying those moments. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

I have four boys (and one girl)....my oldest is 12 and we have entered the "stinky" phase (fortunately he likes to take a shower) but not the "hairy" phase. Not sure I'm ready for that, but it's coming nonetheless. Boys are awesome and pretty east...feed them good, run them hard and sleep them lots

Anonymous said...

i love nobles stage. my middle one was just like him, he is now 18 and in some sorts a big (little) man, if that makes any since. he was always and is always my cleanest child a little finatic about it. my youngest boy on the other hand is making up for his older brother cleaniness. ugh!!! 13 and totally smelly. i really dont get it and have struggled with it since he was about 8 and i could no longer shower him myself. lol

enjoy noble just as you are, before you now it he will be graduating from high school and preping for his mission. it all goes by way to fast for my liking. :)

and by the way mr. harrison is a spitting image of his beautiful mother :)

Ailmik said...

I love you blog it is always so interesting and meaningful. Your kids are just gorgeous.