Friday, February 11, 2011

I love this girl!

Tomorrow my little Ann Marie is going to take a giant leap closer to Home as she follows the example of the Savior by being baptized. My sister helped me put together a baptism announcement card. The above picture is the front with the baptism details in the white space to the left of Annie. The back is featured below.

I am excited for this special occasion. I just can't believe that my little Annie is already 8. My how time flies. This little lady is going to be sneaking up on me in her growing up for years to come I think.

I love this girl. I love this girl. I LOVE this girl!!!


Judy said...

Congratulations to Ann Marie! What a beautiful little girl!! Love her pictures - they are all amazing!!

Tournesol said...

What beautiful announcements. How wonderful for your little girl. My son 11, just recently started altar service at our church, it is so awesome to see him become involved in his church community as his own person. They grow up so fast.

Sue said...

A really lovely announcement!


Shanan said...

I love that little girl!