Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My Noble has not been a little man of many English words thus far in his life. He talks, in Noblese. But I have been anxious for him to learn some English and start using words to tell us what he thinks and wants and feels.

Actually he is pretty good at letting us know what he wants without words. Maybe he hasn't seen too much need for language yet. If he wants milk he just goes and gets a bottle and brings it to me. If he has a stinky diaper he brings me the wipes. If he is hungry he heads to the pantry to seek out something to eat (or he climbs on a chair to see if anyone has left their food on the table.)

But just recently he has started saying a few more words and I am tickled every time he gets a new one to sound just right. Right now he has the following list down pretty well, "Annie, Nana, Lala, Mama, Dada, Car, Ball, Hi, Bye, Go and UhOh."

Words he is working on but that aren't entirely clear yet are: "Bus, Van, Truck, Brina, Bottle, All the animal names and sounds on Peek a Boo Barn and Peek a Boo Wild, Out, Shoes, and More."

Tonight I was asking him to clean up his cars before he went to bed. He looked right at me and with one definite shake of his head said, "No." It was clear as a bell. No is not one of the words he says regularly. Usually it is "uh uh." I was so pleased that his defiance didn't bother me one bit. I kept asking him to pick up his cars and he kept doing the single head shake and saying, "No." It was beautiful to my ears.

About ten minutes later I got down of the floor and together we picked up his cars and put them away before I took him up to get ready for bed. As I was giving him a bath I made some bubbles in the sink for him to play with. I am not sure he has ever had a real bubble bath and this time the soap made more bubbles that normal. He was thrilled. He held up his hand with bubbles on it in wonder and looked at me. "Yes you got some bubbles," I said.

He put his little hand back down in the water and pulled it up again and clear as a bell said "Bubble." Then he kept doing that over and over and each time saying Bubble. It is lovely to hear him starting to speak and hear his little voice form familiar words. I just love this age and I love my little guy.


Robyn said...

I LOVE it! We got a mega-shocker one day when I told a lame joke and my 2 year old said, "MOM! Not funny! Bad joke!" Hello, how does he even know what a joke IS?!

Jeannie said...

Long time reader of your blog here.. My uncle is a pediatrician and he says it's very common for mothers who have a boy as their second, third, or fourth child, after having girls - to come into the office when their baby boys don't start talking as early or as prolifically as their older sisters. The advice that my uncle always gives them is not to worry. By nature girls talk earlier than boys, but when those boys have older sisters it's significantly later because they simply don't need to talk for themselves. They constantly have 'little mommies' that speak for them.

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

That just made my day. My youngest is about a month older than Noble and I love hearing his speech improve. Glad Noble is doing well. Sometimes you don't need a lot of words to get the message across, but it sure is sweet to hear them when they do use words!