Monday, November 15, 2010

Gratitude Day 15

I am grateful for bargains. Pretty much since we moved into this house I have been searching for a piece of furniture to go in a certain area. I knew my the height and length and width parameters. I just needed a buffet or chest or table to go under these pictures in my hall and give me something to put stuff on at Christmas time.

This year I was determined to find something. I just don't have enough table space for our nativity and all the kids Christmas trees and the advent calendar etc... So Jon and I spent a night and a day furiously hunting. We went to lots of stores. Everything was either too short (it had to be tall enough so Noble couldn't pull stuff off it), or not long enough (it is to go on a very long wall and needed to be at least 6 feet long), or too expensive (Jon gave me a budget of $800).

I was getting frustrated. We found a buffet online at that would work if we bought 2 of them. But we would have to assemble it and I just knew it would be some cheap piece based on the price and some of the reviews.

In a last ditch effort we hit the stores again. Everything was well over $1000 and we didn't even find one the right size. As we were passing a certain exit on the freeway I mentioned we could try the consignment store where we got a couple other things. It is very hit or miss and not always a great deal but Jon swerved over 3 lanes of traffic to hit the exit so I could run in and look.

I left him with the kids and ran in. It was so overly crowded. I saw one piece the right size but totally not our style and still several hundred dollars. I weaved my way around the narrow aisles and back in the back corner I saw a piece that looked the right size. It was a little shorter than ideal but tall enough. I went over for a closer look. I didn't love the color and it was somewhat beat up and out of date looking. But I could tell it was a quality piece of furniture.

Then I saw the price ... $89! Suddenly this piece looked so much better. I could see it refinished or painted and it began to have real possibility. I called Jon to bring the crew in to see. He took one look and said he didn't like it. Then I told him it was only $89. Suddenly he was calling a guy over to measure it for us. Upon closer inspection it is a very nice though rather old piece of furniture.

Best of all it had plenty of nobs on which we could hang all our Christmas stockings and some to spare. That was an unspoken desire I had for the perfect piece. It also has 9 drawers. Great for storage. I think I will give one to each kid to keep their own "special stuff" in. Then when the drawer is full they will have to go through and get rid of what is not special enough to keep anymore.

I know I have been bad about posting photos but this post needs one don't you think?
Here is our find in our home bare:

And here is one with the stockings hung:

And one with more of the room:

Maybe tomorrow we will have time to decorate the top with the Christmas trees. Oh and while I am posting photos. Here is what my belly was looking like last week at around 19-20 weeks.


Linda said...

What a beautiful piece of furniture! I used to be able to find deals like this. Now, I just need to get rid of stuff!

Anonymous said...

love the pieces stephanie. its beautiful and what an awesome idea to have a draw for each child.... humm i might have to steal that idea from you. lol and by the way, you look awesome :)

Cairen said...

Thats awesome, I'm impressed you took all your little kiddos to all those stores hunting for a piece of furniture. You guys are very brave. I love your belly shot, its so tiny. I hope you're feeling better now.

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

Belly, what belly?! You look great and I think that's an awesome find! Glad it had everything you were wishing for...even those unspoken wishes. Can't wait to see it refurbished!

Karen UK said...

We have a drawer for each child but in an ikea storage thingy that isn't so beautiful. I love your unit just as it is. If you decide you don't like it after Christmas just ship it over to me and I'll take care of it for you!
p.s My 'bump' is bigger than that and my daughter is now 4 months old!! Maybe I need to lay off the m and m's!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and a beautiful piece of furniture! By the way, um where did you get your stockings? They are just lovly!

i said...

it fits perfectly there!!!

Rhyetta Musser said...

Can you explain why you have 9 stockings?! That's what I'm trying to figure out. I mean I know it's been a while... but I can't add up to 9.

I have a pregnant belly, but at 35 weeks it is way bigger than yours. Due on Christmas day! Congratulations!

Stephanie said...


Hey there! Long time no see. Yes I can explain the stockings. Actually I have 10. And for Anon I got them from a Landsend catalog.

So I have always wanted 6 kids. Years ago I found these stockings in the catalog and I loved them. So, not knowing if they would always have these same type of stockings I bought 8. One for each Jon and I and one for each possible kid.

When we moved to Las Vegas and lived at my parents all our stuff was in storage here and there at my parents. That Christmas (Camille's first and only) I found the box with our stockings (mine, jons, sabrinas, annies, laurens) but not the extras. I couldn't not have a stocking for Camille that year so I just ordered another one from the same catalog. The next Christmas after Camille died I found the box of extras. I was so glad I ordered Camille her own because I LOVE it. It has an Angel with golden hair flowing and her dress is blue.

So that made me have 9 stockings. One will be for this little baby. I will need to get it personalized once we finalize our name choice. I have one extra. Maybe we will use it for another baby. Maybe not. I'll wait and see how that works out when I get there.

The 10th stocking was given to us one Christmas by a sister in law. It is a stocking for Jesus. We fill it each year with letters to Jesus promising our presents to Him for that year.

Does that help?

I just hung them all up (even the extras) because it looks nice.