Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Home, My Haven

Last night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. We combined with the neighboring ward for this activity. There were ... a lot of people. Our ward has about 250-300 active members I think. I would guess the neighboring ward is similar if not slightly bigger. Now not everyone came to this activity but enough did that it felt like craziness to me.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned how I don't do well in crowds. I hate crowds. They make me feel claustrophobic. I didn't feel that way last night only because we were outside and I could find my own personal space. But that many people still is less enjoyable to me than a smaller group. I feel it is easier to meet people and get to know new people in a smaller group.

Last night I was just trying to make sure we kept track of all our kids and didn't hit any kids as we pulled in and out of the parking lot. I am sure we handed out at least 400 pieces of candy to boot. With that amount of "trick or treaters" you hardly have time to admire costumes. Though it was fun to see Noble handing candy out to the many bags raised to our trunk.

Anyway, I came home feeling frazzled. We put kids and ourselves straight to bed. I knelt to say my nightly prayers and I thanked the Lord for my home. When the world frazzles me or upsets me in some way, I am grateful to be able to fall into the soft place of my home and know that in these walls we are all okay. We all love each other even if we have quibbles now and then. We are united as a family and each of us would be there for another if we needed love or support. We aren't perfect and we certainly don't always have peace in our home. But at the end of the day the Love wins out and we are all okay and we can all find peace in that.

I thought back over the years at some really hard things I have gone through. And in almost every case I have found a sanctuary from the storm in the walls of my own home and the arms and hearts of my little family. They make every falling out with a friend or bad day at work feel better and less important. They saved me from constant sorrow when Camille died. They have loved me even when I have screwed up. They are my soft place to fall when life gets rough. And I am just grateful that my home is a haven to my soul. I hope as the years go by, my children will feel this as well as their lives get hormonal and bumpy.



I completely relate to this! The comfort of my home has been a sense of peace in my life the past few years while dealing with some pretty difficult stuff.

Anonymous said...

stephanie, i have followed your blog for some time now, and am inspired by the woman you are, your strengths and testimony are amazing to me. as i was blog hopping today i cam across this story( as i read this story my mind drifted to you and how you more than so many others out there know this mothers pain. this hurting mother could use your wisdom and strength now i bet. hugs!

Anonymous said...

wow, steph. i am so glad to finally see your blog again. what a great and inspiring post on homes and the way our homes should feel.....that they should really feel peaceful like temples. i really love your posts!

it was fun to see old faces last night, but it was sure crowded!



Dean and Sheri said...

Lovely, lovely post. And...I am so very sorry for your sweet Camille's tragedy.

Cindy said...

Thank you for that post. You are right! You helped me to realize that although we do not always have peace (and I become overwhelmed and frustrated by that) Love DOES win out. Thank you!