Friday, October 22, 2010

Date Night

We have come to another weekend. I love weekends. I love my clean house on Fridays. And after a seeming eternity I am finally feeling well enough at night to possibly even enjoy a night out with my hubby. I haven't had a babysitter in so long. 

Yesterday one of my awesome young women stopped by to drop off some cookie dough I bought from her for a school fundraiser. After I closed the door the girls all came downstairs in the PJs from their bed to see who it was. After I told them who it was Lauren said, "Mom, can't you call her back to babysit us? I miss her. We don't ever get to play with babysitters anymore." It was really cute. And it just pointed out to me how long it really has been since my days of weekly date nights. Time to get back at that I think. 

What do you like to do on your date nights? Jon and I love to go out to eat. We just love good food. But sometimes I think it would be fun to do something different for a change. Got any ideas for me? I think maybe we will head to the temple this weekend. We'll see.


Gwenevere said...

We've always thought we are too poor to go to eat for date night (even when we pick up take out during the week) I don't know splurging on just us is tough. When in law school, we would grab a smoothie and go to barns and noble and find a place in a nice open area where we could people watch, we'd browse thought books that we would put on our list to go check out at the library, $1.00 movies, hanging out with other friends, scoping out neighborhoods, furniture stores, stuff that didn't cost a lot of money...What am I talking about, "law school" those are still our favorite dates.

Olsens R Us said...

We usually go out to dinner, which I love for the fact that I get to sit with my husband for an hour and have an uninterrupted conversation. But we always do something afterwards- a bookstore, shopping for something new for the house, playing games with friends (Monopoly Deal is a new favorite!), going to local high school events- football games, plays, orchestra concerts. (We serve in the youth programs so we usually get to be supportive of our ym/yw while enjoying our date- double bonus!) Occasionally, we do horseback riding, racquetball, tennis, or something a little more active if I still have energy by that time of night :) I hope you continue to feel well enough to treat yourself out for a night with Jon- sometimes it's hard for us to expend the effort to get out of the house for a date, but I've found I'm always happy when we do!

RandomStyleAndBookz said...

well whenever my parents have their "date night" they go out to eat :) then they go 2 the movies. im sure they go 2 the movies to feel young again (like a teenager) haha but i dont know. they go out and eat a good meal so that when they go 2 the movies they dont have to buy the overly priced pocorn and candy at $8.00! or they have a game night. we go 2 my grandparents and they have their frinds or couples over and they play games. it seems really fun. i hope this helps even though im only 13:) ive found blogging pretty fun when your stressed or need some help.

Handsfullmom said...

I was wandering around this morning and happened upon your profile. Thank you for sharing your faith in such a profound and moving way. You are a lovely woman.

I'm sorry about your daughter.

bethiepoos said...

my husband took all the seats out of our mini van and we filled it with pillows and blankets, drove out into the middle of nowhere and watched a movie on our little tv, all snuggled up together. it was soo much fun!!!