Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Sabrina went to Kindergarten I cried. I wasn't worried about her in anyway. I just knew I was going to miss my little girl. When Annie went to Kindergarten I worried about her. Will she be bored? Will she try to be the teacher? Will they be able to challenge her? When Lauren went to Kindergarten I worried about the teacher. 

I know Lauren will learn things this year and be challenged. I only hope the teacher will have patience with her as Lauren tells her how to run the class. Lauren knows EVERYTHING. Even the things she doesn't know. And she isn't afraid to tell you about it. 

The other night I was making scrambled eggs. I already had the eggs in the pan and mostly beat up. I was just beginning to stir them up. Lauren was watching me. "Mom, you are doing it all wrong. You don't make scrambled eggs that way!" Take note here that she has never made scrambled eggs. She kept telling me I needed to stir it differently. Finally I said "Oh ye of little faith Lauren." To which she replied, "Oh me of little faith Mama. What does that mean anyway?"I told her it meant she didn't believe I could make scrambled eggs well. She said that was right because I wasn't making them right. 

When I finished the eggs everyone ate them and told how good the eggs were ... even Lauren.

After the second day of school I was asking Lauren how her day was. She said good. I tried to get her to elaborate. After asking a few more detailed questions of her without any detailed answers Lauren finally said, "Can you just stop asking me questions and let me think for a minute." I think I have actually said those exact words before. Scary. 

It is like she is a mini me when I was a little kid. But at the same time she also reminds me so much of my grandma Harris. I mean Grandma Harris used to tell my mom (her daughter in law) she wasn't stirring the Jello right. If that doesn't sound like Lauren I don't know what does. So it makes me wonder if I was a mini Grandma Harris when I was a kid. And if so I wonder how my mom felt about that. I guess I will have to ask her about that next time we talk.

I feel lucky to have Lauren. I love having a reminder of myself and my Grandmother in her. And hopefully in time she will learn there are more than a few ways to make scrambled eggs and Jello.


shanan said...

ha. that's pretty funny. what a silly little girl ...

The Robinson's said...

That is a very beautiful picture of Lauren! Such a funny story.

My little kindergartener told me on her 1st day of school that the teacher told her to sit down 3 times. Then she goes on to say she would have done it on 2 times that the teacher didn't have to say it 3times.

I, too worry for my daughter's teacher. lol

Joyce Kay said...

My youngest daughter is very bossy. She is only 3 years old.

Bethany said...

Stephanie, Hi. I think about you all the time. I have 4 girls now - the youngest was born 2 months after you lost your sweet Camille. I have cried for you many times as our fourth little angel has grown and wondered how difficult it must have been for you. I just saw an e-mail in my husband's folder from you - I need to have you update my e-mail so I get messages you send me - I'll send it to you. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you - and that I remembered our "31 flavors" freshman year at BYU when I got on to your blog! Love, Bethany