Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Neighbors

You know neighbors can really make or break any place you live. I grew up in a cul-de-sac my dad built with 4 of his friends. We loved all our neighbors and were welcome to play with any of them anytime. We all took care of each other on that street. It was an ideal way to grow up. It felt like one big extended family all around us.

While there are a few more houses on my street now, and I certainly didn't know my neighbors before I moved in, I feel blessed to have great neighbors in my neighborhood now. I don't know ALL my neighbors but I do know a good percentage of them. And we have a really good neighborly feel with 2 annual block parties and plenty of homes where I can go borrow a cup of sugar or where my kids can find friends to play.

Last night I was feeling sick (like every night). For some reason it just seems that I feel better when I am out in the fresh air so I took the kids out in the street to play. They went across the street like normal to ask our street play friends if they wanted to play.

My neighbors across the street were the first people I met up in this neighborhood. They were one of the first 3 people to move in and were just moving in when I drove the neighborhood one night to show it to my brother who was in town from California. We started talking and they let me come in and show my brother their home. We moved in about 4 months later and we have been great friends ever since.

So last night not only did my neighbors come keep us company and play but when they heard I was feeling crummy and not up to making dinner (thus why we were in the street playing at dinner time) so the kids were going to have to wait till 7:30 when dad got home to do dinner, they fed my kids some of their dinner.

Did I mention I love great neighbors? I LOVE GREAT NEIGHBORS! Thanks to all my neighbors who have been and continue to be such good friends and such great supports to me and mine.

Do you know your neighbors? What can we all do to be great neighbors today?


chanel said...

wow- you totally win with THE BEST neighbors! I have kind of a project going on right now that made me think when you asked your question... there is a blog for it and since you have LOTS O READERS maybe this can help get it going....however if you're uncomfortable with this just delete this comment.
Anyway we can all be GREAT NEIGHBORS (in the commandment sense) by going to http://hugamuslim.blogspot.com and participating in my little project.
and many congrats on the new baby!

Jessie said...

My name is Jessica. I wanted to say hello. I have followed your blog on and off for a long time now. I wanted to say that I really like how you use your experiences to break down the walls that we all put up when we feel others will judge us.
Our daughters are just a couple of weeks apart. My Georgia was born on May 3rd 2007. I think of your little girl, and you, and I admire who you both are. I have felt only a lick of the flame of your sorrow when I watched her life flighted to a children's hospital after a brain injury from a fall down the stairs. I can only imagine what the pain of leaving there without her would have been.

So thank you for sharing. And for your ability to share the message of the Gospel so well.
I love your family picture. It is what made me comment. I just could not resist!

I hope you have a nice day. And I say you take it easy on yourself tonight for dinner. Make it a can of soup evening. :)

Anonymous said...

im so glad that you have awesome neighbors. i once would have said the same thing. im now more cautious of the fact that the cover never resembles whats inside.

my child was abused by someone that i once thought was an awesome neighbor... it took a few years before i would even allow my children out to play with the other children in the neighborhood. we now have play dates at my house, my children are not allowed to go inside anyones home EVER...

how i wish that boundary had never been crossed. i miss the friendship. but most importantly i miss my baby having the innocense taken away. the aftermath of which i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy :(

what i have learned is that these types of people come in all shapes and sizes. they are leaders of the church and they are leaders in the community. they are not however the creepy men that walk our streets hiding in the bushes.

my advise would be this, the parents can be awesome people, loving parents, the child on the other hand could be a troubled individual... whom will take their anger out on your beloved child. be cautious...

The Robinson's said...

We moved into our new home this past April. The neighbors before were nice and easy to get along with, except for that one. That one was dealing illegal stuff from the home which was too close to ours.

Now our new neighbors are awesome!! We already knew one of them from the school and the other one was real nice. Came up to us introduced himself and his family. But now both of them are close to losing their homes. We are sad for our neighbors. We do hope for some more awesome neighbors.

I also have a great group of church friends just down the street that are THE BEST NEIGHBORS!! Always willing to watch the kids, bring dinner over, etc. And I do the same for them. I just wish the whole world was like this. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Take it easy tonight, make an easy dinner too. Either soup or frito pie(boat). All it is, is fritos, chili beans, and cheese. If you want to get fancy top it off with sour cream and diced tomatoes.

Becky said...

I dream that someday we will live on a street where we have block parties and impromptu get togethers just because we like each other. I hope my kids have lots of friends to play with and that their friend's moms are lovely like minded women. I hope we live on a street like yours!

Sarah S. said...

Stephanie is one reason why our neighborhood is so great! She neglected to mention that she is the one who gets the block parties organized and running. She also didn't mention how she took most of us a welcome basket when we moved in. So thanks to you Steph! We all come together to make our neighborhood fun!

Rach said...

I want to be YOUR neighbor, Steph!

I'm an extrovert, but I'm SUCH a homebody. I have wonderful neighbors, whom I'll see *occasionally* when we happen to be out at the same time. I need to get out of the house and get involved with my neighbors more.

Thanks for the kick in the pants--I needed it! :o)