Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crazy Lady

Do you ever feel like you are going crazy? Sometimes I do. My emotions have been all over the place lately. Not only have I had mood swings that could rock a cruise ship but I have also had a myriad of emotions all surging within at the same time. I mean, how is it that I want to laugh and cry and scream and run for no good reason at the same exact time?

I had to apologize to my kids today for being snippy. I guess it is at least good to know I am acting like a crazy lady so I can tell them so and let them know it is me not them. But it makes me wonder how I am going to survive the teenage years when we will have 4 crazy ladies in the house snipping at each other and laughing and holding back tears all at the same time.

The girls started dance classes this week. It has been fun to see them all cute in the dance clothes. Noble... well he is at a frustrating stage. By that I mean that he is often frustrated because I won't let him feed himself every meal and he only wants to eat if he feeds himself. We are negotiating. He will only drink out of big cup and only if he can hold it. (sippy cups are for shaking upside down to make it rain right?) I can't even hand it to him. I have to put the cup down and let him pick it up himself. Then I don't let him go anywhere with the cup. That is frustrating to him. At least he is getting really good at cleaning up his spills.

So many times a day I just want to eat him up. I wish he liked to snuggle because I just want to squeeze him in gratitude that he is here with me every day. But he is too busy to snuggle. There is a whole world to learn about and discover right? Today I made muffins. He got up on a stool and got a pair of tongs and tried to feed himself some of those muffins. It was so funny. By the time I got him down he had muffin all over his face and a few of the muffins had been hammered. Of course when I put him in his high chair with a muffin, he only wanted to pull of pieces to throw on the ground. When I took him out he went back to the stool and got the tongs again and went to work trying to use those tongs to get muffin in his mouth.

Sorry if these little details are a bit boring for you all. I just wish I had written more of Camille's little day to day details down. So I am trying to get my little kid details down here for myself. I don't want to forget this crazy stage of life and the wonder of watching my children discover the world.


Cyndi W said...

Stephanie, I did not find any of the "details" boring, in fact, I thought, I remember when so-and-so was just like that (in my own family). I raised 4 hormonal teenage girls in one house all at the same time, and it didn't come without tears and a sorry or two along the way. But they are very good friends now. It all works, you wait and see!

Djkoll said...

I love your stories. I am a scrapbooker and a few months ago I had a "ta-da" moment and each month I start a page for each of my boys and write down everything from new things they do to what I'm feeling when I look at them, to how they plan. Things I want to remember - that page goes in the scrapbook at the end of the months pictures. Sure, some details are retold in those pictures but it is just nice to have that page with everything written one. I say all of that to say, write it all down, everything that makes you laugh, makes you cry or makes you stand in awe. You will love it and they will love it!

Dan said...

These are perfect awesome details that we can totally relate to. I love it.

Anonymous said...

stephanie, you are teaching your girls to humble themselves by apologizing... what a great example. we all have our days and some of us have an added incredient. working through a loss is very difficult and your working through yours and your doing a fantastic job.

and noble, he sounds very independent. he im sure has seen his mommy a million times at that counter with tongs in her hands, he's mirroring you and trying to keep up with his older sisters lol.

i love your stories and its an awesome idea to have your blog as a journal you can print and keepsake for your babies when they are older.


a.k.a. Jack said...

Not boring at all. Makes the rest of us feel like we're not alone. And, somehow my parents survived a house full of teen-age girls. But, you would have to ask THEM how they did it. :) I think you are alot like my mom in many ways so I think you'll do great!

Kristin said...

I could relate to everything in this post from the crazy mom with mood swings(that being me this week) and the sweet baby boy who is too busy exploring to give his mom some cuddles(my busy boy is 15 months old). Thanks for sharing!

Karey said...

We have three girls at a time in my house with emotions running high, and low, and everywhere in between. You get through it. Love your blog!

hwscutie said...

So cute! I'm right there with you, Jennifer is at the frustrating age too. She wants to be in control and knows how to get it. I'm glad you included the details because I could see Noble getting up on the stool and getting after those muffins.