Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School Eve

It is the night before the first day of school for us. The backpacks are packed with school supplies waiting to be taken to classes. The new school clothes are purchased and ready to be put on tomorrow. We have seen our classrooms and met our teachers at the "meet and greet." The special french toast casserole is soaking in the fridge waiting to be cooked tomorrow morning. Somehow tonight almost has a Christmas eve feel.

I am excited for the girls to go back to school. Lauren will be starting kindergarten and she is very excited. I am looking forward to the routine school provides. I am tired of answering the question - "I'm bored. What can I do?" I feel really good about the teachers everyone got. I hope this will be a good year for them all.

It has been a long 3 week break for me. I have not been myself. I have been struggling to make it through each day. So there were no big activities planned or schedules adhered to. I did manage to finish off Date nights with Annie on Friday. We went to the mall to get earrings at Claires and then got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. At home we played a card game together.

Annie is just such a bright star. She has a twinkle in her eye that can light up a room. She loves big. She is fast and fearless. She makes me smile. I am so glad to have her in our family.

So Noble and I will have some alone time each day now. He is so cute and fun. He doesn't talk much. Though he does say "uh-oh" very often (for valid reasons.) He has a loving heart and will give anyone he sees crying a snuggle. Sometimes I fake cry just so he will come give me a love :). He loves to put things in and out of things, especially the trash.

I look forward to sharing some alone time and nap time with him everyday. And I look forward to the book vacation I am going to give myself as soon as I catch up on my laundry and house work. Mockingjay is waiting for me and I am dying to dive in. Pictures of back to school tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I hope the more restful (school) days ahead give you some much needed time to recharge and refresh. I remember nap time well - I was SOOOO ready for the kids to nap so that I could too!

Love always,


Anonymous said...

oh nap time, how i miss thee. lol. im sure your girls are looking forward to the mingle of school as well. they are very bright stars all of them because your such a good mother and you take the time to teach and love them :)

Sarah S. said...

Your neighbors are still hoping you have energy for the traditional Waite first day of school cookie sale! We are coming straight home for it! :) I just finished Mockingjay- I don't think you will be napping much until that book is finished.....

Familia Martinez said...

It is hard to believe that Lauren is ready for Kindergarten as well. Araya started this year and is loving it. Time goes so fast. It is hard to believe that our little girls that were born around the same time are now in school. Hope all goes well and that school is a wonderful experience for all. Love you all! Angie and all the other Martinez Clan.