Friday, July 16, 2010

Go Check it Out!

The New went live today and you can go check out my profile page HERE.

I was so thrilled when I went to check out the new site to see the first video profile was of my good friends Aaron and Emily Sherinian. Emily and I met our senior year of college (the same time I met Jonathan.) After graduation we travelled back to her home in NYC in her little black Civic with no air conditioning (it was June and not pretty). Then we headed off to travel Europe together. Such great memories. Getting lost in the middle of the Pyrenees in France with no franks left and the ensuing melt down in the train station, signing harmonies on tons of trains, hiking Cique Terre, seeing the David ... I could go on forever.

Aaron I met my freshman year when I volunteered to help him in his campaign to be the student body president. Only when he told me where he lived to go to a campaign meeting did I learn he was my brother's roommate. We became friends and when I moved to DC to go to law school I was so comforted to see Aaron at church. It was like having a big brother out there to watch out for me. 

I remember talking to Emily on the phone that first year of law school. She lived in NYC then. I was saying how I wished I could like Aaron because he was SUCH a great guy but that he was just too much like a big brother to me. She then asked if I thought she would like him. It took me about 2 seconds to see that idea would work out rather nicely. 

I set them up the next time she came in town. They hit it off so well that I got phone calls from both of them asking me if I thought the other would be too freaked out if they sent flowers to thank them for the weekend! Needless to say they both received flowers that Monday from the other. 

I miss them. I need to get back out to DC. It has been too long. You should go check out their profile page if you get a chance. They are simply AMAZING. And I LOVE them. Watching their video made me miss them. You can see it HERE.

Well go check it out and let me know what you think - please. 


Robin said...

One question? Why are you up blogging at 1;11 in the morning. I'm up because I'm working at a hospital in Idaho, but I always assume that outside the hospital the whole world is sleeping.

Kim said...

Hi Stephanie,
I enjoyed reading your profile! You are such an inspiration to me!

Take Care,
Your Texas Friend, Kim

Jamie said...

I love the new site! When I visited it yesterday your friend's profile was the first one I saw. What cute pictures, what an amazing life she shares. Thanks for spreading the word about the new site, I hope lots of people make profiles and visit.

shanan said...

great job steph. they've done a great job with the site. emily's little video made me laugh just watching it. what neat people!

lynda said...

that new part of the website is so neat, love ur newer family pic btw, great idea!

Tamara ViAnn said...

Hi Stephanie-

Love you blog!

I don't know if you heard or not but a little girl in Idaho (I think she was a year and half old?) passed away today from a tragic drowning accident. She fell in a canal while at her grandparents. When I heard about that I thought of you and am sure her mother might appreciate hearing from someone who's also lost a child in similar circumstances. The grief must be overwhelming. Such a sad day for their family. I don't know why I'm really telling you, but you just immediately came to mind.

Their website:

M said...

Hi Stephanie, I also was thinking of you when I heard about little Preslee.

When the time is right, I hope they find your story. You are so blessed in your ways and words.

ShaLyse Walker said...

I know that you, more than anyone can offer words of comfort to this sweet couple right now- their little Preslee went to heaven this afternoon after drowning last Friday near her grandparent's home in Idaho.

Emily said...

Stephanie, I have been reading your blog for a while. I am so sorry about the loss of Camille, she is beautiful and I can tell how much she is loved by her family still here on earth. I just read the blog of a family who also lost a daughter and thought you might have some words for them that none of the rest of us can. I know how much families with angels mean to one another. Their blog is:

weavers said...

I attended a funeral today for my cousins 16mo. old daughter who drowned. I thought of you and your family the whole weekend. Thank you so much for writing this blog and shared your emotions and testimony. I enjoy reading your blog and I'm sure it will help her as well.

Queen Scarlett said...

We need to start a Stephanie club... I have so many amigas with the name Stephanie.


Stephanie said...

Loved the new site. Your answers were very thoughtful and moving. I need to do this myself, although I'm not as great with the written word as you :)

Emily Sherinian said...

Steph-- We owe it all to you, girl- you were instrumental in getting the Sherinian crew going! Thanks for being a fantastic matchmaker, a wonderful friend, an and inspiration to so many people around you! xoxox