Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cami's Kindness Day - April 19th

Tomorrow, April 19, is Camille's birthday. I have just finished the blog book as her present. I have ordered copies for my each of my children and all the people who contacted me to pre order a book. Anyone else who wants one can order one now from Blurb. I know they are pricey, but they may make a good gift to someone who has lost a child. 

I have been ... emotional the last couple of days. I was pretty weepy most of yesterday. I feel a little more "lost" in what to do for Camille's birthday this year than I did last year.

My sister-in-law Nikki is having twins by C-Section tomorrow morning at 7:15. My parents and sister and her kids have all headed down to welcome the new baby cousins. My kids will have school tomorrow. I considered pulling them out for the day but Sabrina is in the middle of state standardized testing. She really needs to be in school this week. 

So I will likely be much more alone this April 19th than I was last year going to church and having a big family party. I don't know how I feel about that. At least there are some thing I do know. I know I want to eat cake and ice cream. I know we will have oatmeal (Camille's favorite) for breakfast. I know we will all wear some blue. And I did get the blog book done for her birthday. Still, I feel I want to do something more to celebrate and remember her. 

I was reading through the blog book as I was editing. I saw that last year I asked my blog followers to join me in doing "random acts of kindness" as gifts for Camille's birthday. I remember last year how nice it was to read those at night when my mind got tired and my emotions weepy. I would love to invite any who read this to join me again this year in spreading kindness and happiness tomorrow in honor of Camille. 

Please spread the word. Tell your friends and family that it is "Cami's Kindness" day tomorrow and then, if you don't mind, leave me a comment here on this post to let me know what you did to spread kindness. It can be simple and small - sharing a smile, giving someone a hug who needs one, extra snuggle time with your child even when you are tired. Or it can be bigger - a donation to a charity, forgiving someone and letting them know you forgive them, over-tipping a server. 

Thank you all so much who read this humble blog of a borderline computer literate, design challenged, forgetful photo taker. I know my blog isn't the "cutest blog on the block" or the most tech savvy either. But I appreciate you all reading anyway. You give me strength through the weepy times when I feel otherwise alone.


Ashley said...

I will be thinking about sweet Camille all day tomorrow. I already have some acts of kindness planned....I am bringing soup and chocolate trifle to my best friend who is having an emergency wisdom teeth removal...and visiting with her. I will try and think of more throughout the day! Hang in there...I am praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stehpanie

I am thinking of you today. It is April 19th here already. I will smile at every stranger this afternoon and say hi, and try to spread some joy and smiles. I reckon Camille would like that.



KateC said...

Here in Boston it is already 4/19 as well. I will be thinking of you and your angel Camille. My boys and I will be at the Boston Marathon giving out water and oranges to the runners at heart break hill, a famous point in the race. Know she is watching over you.

Brianne Olson said...

After following your blog for over a year now, I suppose it is time for me to actually leave a comment. To tell you every thought or experience which has happened since I began reading would be I will simply say thank you for being open, sweet, candid, kind, honest, spiritual, and uplifting as you share your days with me through your blog. I began reading after my brother and his wife unexpectedly lost their baby after a brief 18 hours on this earth. Your words and advice guided me through this foreign tragedy. At that point in my life, I had never know anyone under the age of 75 who had died. My nieces death aroused emotions and feeling within me I had never experienced. After reading (and listening) to your post with Camille's song, I was inspired to write a poem for Alexis which I gave her parents on what would have been her first birthday. Later, my husband arranged for it to be made into a song. What an incredible memorial...brought about it part by you. Tonight after reading your post, I posted on my facebook page about Cami's Kindness day. I will be back to report on the kindness spread. Sorry to go on for so long. Thanks for all you do. I sometime forget I don't actually know you! Please know I will be praying for you, especially tomorrow. Take care! By the way, your family is just beautiful. My husband and I have been blessed with 5 handsome sons, all rather close in age to your sweet little ones! Have a good night.

Your sister in the gospel-

e said...

was already planning on it! I didn't forget last year.
love you to the moon and back!!!!!!

sarah s. said...

We're all with you Steph! You are not alone!

olivia (tringham) lyman said...

I have been reading your blog for almost two years now, and have never commented. But, I really wanted to let you know that we will be thinking about you and your sweet family tomorrow. I think Cami's kindness day is a wonderful way to celebrate your beautiful baby girl's birthday. Today my family brought treats and well wishes to a young boy in our ward who had a leg injury this last week. And tomorrow, I am going to be friendly, kind, and cheerful to those I come in contact with throughout the day! I want you to know what a fantastic person I think you are. I love reading your blog. I have many, many times been brought to tears with the beautiful spirit that shines through your words. Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow!


JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

I am honored that I share a birthday with your sweet Camille. I have read your blog now for over a year and it makes me grateful everyday for my little ones and the trials that have come our way. I will try to do as many small acts of kindness as I can think of today.


Kristen said...

I, also, have never commented, but have been a faithful reader. You have inspired me in so many ways. Today I will be baby-sitting my nephew for my sister-in-law who just suffered a miscarriage, so she can get some much needed rest. I will be thinking about Camille while I do.

Ericksons said...

I have read your blog now for over two years now. Camille's story and your blog has inspired our family to live the gospel to the fullest so we too can be together for ever! After reading your post yesterday about Camille's kidness day I breifly mentioned it to my husband. I didn't expect him to remember but this morning about 10 min. after I thought he had left for work he came back in and told me he cleaned the ice off of my car so I wouldn't have to before I took our son to preschool. He told me to make sure I remebered my act of kindness for today and to post it on your blog. I was in shock {he is a very forgetful person!} Please know that Camille has touched so many people even our little family all the way in Ohio!

Elodie said...

I found your blog a few months ago, a friend of a friend of a friend... I've been reading your old and recent posts and wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and testimonies. I wanted to let you know that today, somewhere in Tajikistan, it was Camille's day. I have been kind all day to all my children, and I was even polite to my very rude landlord !

I hope that today you were able to feel the Spirit, and that you were conforted.



Elodie said...

I found your blog a few months ago, a friend of a friend of a friend... I've been reading your old and recent posts and wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and testimonies. I wanted to let you know that today, somewhere in Tajikistan, it was Camille's day. I have been kind all day to all my children, and I was even polite to my very rude landlord !

I hope that today you were able to feel the Spirit, and that you were conforted.



EvaMarieva said...

Today we are thinking of Camille and finding ways to be of service :) Your blog has been a source of inspiration and strength for me. I know all things can be accomplished and overcome no matter how difficult they may seem. Camille is an angel alongside my other hero who inspire me to be better each day. Thank you for sharing her with us.


s g said...

Stephanie, so good to see you last week! I remember when you did Cami's kindness day last year, and we will definitely be participating this year as well. We made some brownies last night and I think we will have to bring a plate to someone special today in honor of Camille. We will squeeze in some extra acts of kindness today, and keep you posted.

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
Sara G.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Camille.
I'm thinking about and praying for you the new baby fog around here but I will definitely be trying to find some acts of kindness the kids and I can do today in honor of you and Camille! I can't believe I missed the group book order...I'll get one on blurb!
Love, love, love you...

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

I purchased the Camille bracelet and my act of kindness is in regards to on of my favorite bracelets One I wear often! A stranger admired it, said she in fact, loved it! I took it right off and gave it to her. I told her it was a random act of kindness and to pass on her own bit of kindness to someone else. She smiled and asked if she could hug me... which of course I said YES, who doesn't love a hug! Hugs to you on your precious babies birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie - I did my random act of kindness over the weekend after recycling plastic bottles and cans. I went into the grocery store to cash in my recycling coupon and purchased cold bottles of water for the two guys working at the recycling stand. It was about 80 degrees out and the guys looked so tired. They were both surprised and so thankful!
Thank you for your never ending words of wisdom and for sharing your beautiful family with all of us.

Happy Birthday, Camille.


Gina said...

What a beautiful way to honor your daughter. I have a friend that is out of work and I heard her mention that money was so tight it was getting hard to keep her dogs in food. I took her some dog food to help out.

Jess said...


You are an inspiration to me. Your blog has brought me to tears many times. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family, especially today. Today, as a working mom, I will be sure to have some extra snuggle time with my little one, in honor of Camille. She, and you, have inspired me.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family today.

I saw your comment on Rachael's blog regarding the birth of her daughter Ellie this morning. It is amazing how the world goes round. I am so happy that you have your Noble and your older girls and that Rachael now has her Ellie and her Lily.

From someone who only knows you and Rachael through the "blog" world I am so impressed with each of you and how you have coped with the losses of Hannah and Camille. You both are an inspiration to me!

Blessings to you all... and Happy Birthday to Camille...

NT in northern NJ

Christine Dallimore said...

Oh....I wish I would have known sooner about this. The day is over and soon we will be doing FHE. :o( I have such a special place in my heart for these warriors in heaven...I know you don't know me but here's what I am going to do. Starting June 1st I will be introducing my children's site called Chrisy Lee Creations. I make fun toys for girls and boys...anyhow...I will make a special doll in honor of your sweet little girl, Camille!! When that doll sells, I will donate 100%of that sell to a charity of your choice. As a mother, I know that pain of a lost little one and the importance it is to honor their sweet, perfect existence here on earth. My loss came as a different form of course, but I can still understand a little of how you feel. I'll keep you posted as the time gets closer!!! Hopefully, my announcing this doesn't seem creepy at all! Ha!!! Lol!! I promise I am a very honest LDS woman full of integrity. I just love your blog. It has helped me so many times-especially over the recent months and I want to give back!!! Hugs and prayers go out to you....

pamina said...

Stephanie, you are not alone. My act of kindness for your sweet girl was a donation through Heifer org -- a basket of fluffy chicks! I think they would make her giggle. Praying for you tonight, for peaceful dreams, Love Pamina

We are a part of a happy family said...

Our family tradition we started last year was making a donation to the missionary fund. This year though we donated $3 (age Camille would be) per every member of our family. Happy birthday Camille!
love your Harris cousins

Kirsti said...

What an amazing way to celebrate your daughter! Thank you for your example of helping others during hard times. I helped a friend clean her home today to prepare for a move. Then I went home and cleaned mine, hugged my children and said a few prayers, thanking my Heavenly Father for my family. Thank you again, for your example and your words, always.

Kirsti said...

Also, I'm working on an auction on my Sending Smiles site-
and would love if you could give me a few pointers from your auction you did for Emily last year? My email is

mums pink house said...

hi steph -

i just wanted to let you know that i've been thinking of you a lot today and you and your family are in our prayers, just like always. i hope you felt camille's spirit in your home today on her third birthday!



The Bulkley Bunch said...

Hello Stephanie!!
I don't know if you remember me, but I am Jonathon's cousin, Deanna (Doug & Arlene's daughter). Anyway, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I decided that today is the day that I tell you how amazing I think you are. You are very inspiring, and courageous, and strong. I don't know if I could cope if I were put in your shoes. You are an amazing mother and I love to feel of your testimony through your posts. You are such a great example to me. Many thoughts and prayers have been sent your way from us since Camille's passing. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day reflecting on Camille's life and all those people who she (and you) have touched. Thanks for sharing!!
With love, Deanna Bulkley
PS. For our act on kindness on Camille's day we took some treats over to a widow who just recently lost her husband. She has been very lonely and was so grateful that we came.

Emily said...

Happy birthday to your sweet angel! I read extra books with my kids tonight and made a donation to the Ronald McDonald House.
Thinking of you and hoping you've had a peaceful day!

Jennifer said...


I read your post last night and had the greatest intentions on doing something extra kind in Camille's honor...but unfortunately it's been one of the most difficult days of being a mom I've ever had.

Regardless, I hope you were able to celebrate her sweet life and her existence.

I have something else I'd like to ask you in private...will you email me at

- Jennifer

Jan S said...

Stephanie: In memory of Camille, I will be purchasing your new blog book for a friend of mine who just lost her 2 year old son to a rare disease. I think it will help her greatly! (Last year, I donated to the Missionary Fund in Camille's honor.) I didn't get out of the house today, but did give my kitties some extra love and attention in Camille's honor! :) Tomorrow, I will be sure to do a few extra 'acts of kindness' in honor of sweet angel Camille! I admire you SO much, Steph...more than you know!

-Jan in CA

Mindy said...

I ensured that someone who had hurt me profoundly knew that I had forgiven them. It was a good day. :)

a.k.a. Jack said...

I know I'm late getting this written down, but here's what I did in honor of Camille yesterday, on her birthday:
I started with my family--let my kids play with the hose, gave them extra love and attention, made yummy meals, cleaned the house, prepared a good FHE lesson, etc. Then, I also got my visiting teaching appointments made and took dinner to a friend in need. Thanks for dedicating the day to random acts of kindness--it helped brighten her birthday for me as well. Love you, Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

In honor of Camille, I invited a father and his two sons over for dinner and FHE. His wife has been out of town all weekend and she won't be back for another week. I think he needed a break. Thank you for reminding me of this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

For Camille's Kindness Day, I donated money towards surgery for a child with a cleft pallette in a foster home in China.

Starfish foster home was started by a BYU grad who wanted to help babies get the surgeries they needed so they could be adopted. It's a pretty amazing organization.

I'm so grateful for your blog, Steph. It uplifts and strengthens me. Thanks so much for taking the time to post.

Marleen said...

Our gifts of kindness for Camille didn't end until late last night so we weren't able to post on her birthday but each person did their own thing.

Spencer - Made cookies with the girls and gave them to a family that just found out their unborn child has complications.

Marleen - Tried calling a neighbor who doesn't know a lot of people in town to play with the kids at the park. She never called back. Ended up filling Spencer's gas up in his car without him knowing.

Nora - Secretly made Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Aubrey - Cleaned up Nora's books for her sister.

Camille in return gave special gifts of the Spirit to us. Happy birthday Camille.

Earls said...

Thinking of Camille's birth day today. What a special experience and honor for me.
To honor Camille today I ordered a new temple dress, slip, etc. for a friend to be buried in. She was worrying about that when I visited her. Her body is shutting down and it won't be long now until she needs the dress. She is mostly nonresponsive now but I know she will appreciate looking fresh and new as she approaches the next stage of her eternal life. -Bari