Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mobile Noble

It has been a big week for Mr. Noble. He officially started crawling at Uncle Morgan and Aunt Buffs house last week. He had been close for a while and could move pretty well in a small area by scooting on his bum while sitting up or by laying down and rolling over once and then sitting back up. But last week he started crawling forward.

Now I have to sharpen my "KEEP EYES ON AT ALL TIMES" skills again and temper the paranoia I have about that with ... well with faith I guess. Faith that the Lord will help me. Faith that no child is taken before his or her time if you are living righteously. Faith that Camille's death was in the grand plan of my Father and not something I could have prevented. Faith that if it hadn't been the spa it would have been something else. Faith that it was just her time. Yes, I am going to have to dig deep into that well of faith to help me temper my anxiety this go round.

While I haven't been looking forward to this crawling phase because I knew it would be challenging for me, I am thrilled to see my little man so excited with his new ability. And even as he is just getting crawling going he is already wanting to stand on his own two feet. He will stand up next to the sofa and steady himself. Then he will get this excited, daring look in his eyes and take his hands off the couch. He will look at me as if to say "Look Mom! Look I am standing! Wahoo!" Then he falls onto his bum.

So I guess I am in for a whole new adventure with Mr. Mobile Noble. Oh and there he is calling me from his crib now to let me know he is awake. I am off to get him!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome about the crawling!

I hope you don't mind a question and I don't want to come across nitpicky, but this line gave me pause:

"Faith that no child is taken before his or her time if you are living righteously"

Does this mean that you believe some children are taken before their time because their parents haven't lived righteously? If so, is that a Mormon teaching?

Stephanie said...

Dear Anon,
I don't mind the question. I will answer as best I can. You actually ask a very good question. One I will have to do a bit more studying on to better understand the "mormon doctrine" about.

I can tell you that Mormons believe all little children who die go to the highest kingdom of heaven. We also believe that God knows all things past present and future. Even though we have free will and can choose our own path, our Father knows us so well that he knows which way we will choose.

I know from personal experience that if we are living righteously the Lord will inspire, bless, and guide us to help us live long enough to fulfill our mission in life - whatever that is.

So I guess I am saying that I phrased that sentence in that way because I believe personally that the Lord only sends spirits worthy of the highest kingdom of heaven to be in bodies that for any reason will die as a young child.

However, because we all have agency, perhaps we can take a life before its time. For example, I could just go get a gun and shoot a bunch of people. My unrighteous acts can possibly prematurely end the life of another.

Sometimes God will step in to prevent this from happening if there is a REAL NEED for that person to stay here on earth but most times He allows us to act according to our agency and thus invoke the consequences of our actions.

So that is why I qualified the statement with "if you are living righteously."

In my personal situation, I feel inside like it was Camille's time. It is hard to explain that. But it just feels "right" to me. I have felt the whisper of the Holy Ghost that if she had not died in the spa that she would have died some other way because it was her time. It is not always easy to have faith in such personal answers that come only by a peaceful feeling and a sort of whisper in your heart that they are true. But I choose to believe them. Those same peaceful feelings and heart whisperings have never led me wrong before. So I choose to have faith in them.

I will do some doctrinal studying and post another comment here about what I find as to official Mormon Doctrine. I hope this helps you understand my phrasing better in the meantime.


Amanda said...

It must be very hard for you right now. It's always hard for a parent when your child becomes mobile and a whole new world of danger is introduced.

You are a truly amazing person though, Stephanie and I'm sure that both you and Noble will work your way through this in your own time and your own way.

You are always in my prayers

sarah s said...

Can't wait to see Mobile Noble in action! He looks so grown up in that picture!

Miti said...

Hi Stephanie. The crawling stage is such an exciting time. I remember them well. He is such a cute little guy.

I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl Camille. She's such a beautiful little angel. I'll pray that God continues to give you peace. Your strength is an inspiration.

Andrea said...

Enjoy this time. This too will pass far too quickly for you. I just came over from 5 moms and a blog. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
Blessings, andrea

Darleen said...

I cannot believe he is crawling!! He's still a newborn...right? At least that's the last time I saw him. Wow! Time flies. He is too cute. He needs a brother!

shanan said...

Wow! He's crawling already! He is just way too cute :D

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

He is so darn cute Stephanie! I loved your explanation in the comment section. You will be busy when he takes off walking!

Half a dozen Gregersens said...

Hi Stephanie,
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Anonymous said...

stephanie, i found your blog today. i wish that i knew you and your family. what beautiful people you all are, inside and out. how i wish i could give you a hug when i was reading your previous posts and maybe help you out somehow.
my sons are 29 and 26 and i will be hugging them a little closer when i see them again.