Monday, July 20, 2009

Storms Moving In

I love a good storm. Las Vegas is usually good for a few good storms in the late summer months. We have been watching lighting storms for about 48 hours now. Still no rain at our house. But I can feel it coming. It is in the air. I wait for it with anticipation. The oppressing heat and humidity will be relieved when the rain falls.

I can see the rain falling on the horizon, out in the desert, somewhere. It is out there quenching some other creatures thirst. They are feeling the relief of its fury. From here I can only watch as God's hands sweeps over the clouds and lightly brushes them down to the earth. From here I watch and wait. I wait for my turn to feel the rain on my face.

I imagine it is always storming on someone somewhere on this rock we call Earth. I am more aware of that now than before. In every crowd I see, I wonder how many of these people are weathering their own personal storms. How many are longing for a break and a bit of sun? How many need the rain to fall again to release the pressure of their own personal pain? How must our Father feel knowing the hearts of us all?


Jocelyn said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and writing with us!

Susy said...

Thanks I really needed this I am having a private storm now....Words of encouragement always welcomed.

LL said...

Great post!!!
I love the way you look at things~ so glad you're willing to share your feelings with each of us....thank you!
bring on the rain~

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Wow... I am feeling exactly like this today. Waiting for the strom... the one my heart wants to release. Its only a matter of time. Its a storm I keep putting off, hoping I won't feel it or know its even here. Thanks for your beautiful words!

Samantha said...

I love a good storm too. I've been getting some dirty looks and not nice wods from some because our summer here in Ottawa, Canada hasn't been the nicest this year. Lots and lots of rain, with splashes of nice warm days thrown in. I prefer it to the scorching heat and humidity ontario is known for. I do get what your saying though personally. and because today is personally significant to me in that way, it made me feel o.k. and less guilty for enjoying our not-so-nice weather. thanks.

Fisher's said...

After the rain..... A rainbow. :)

Mimi's Toes said...

Thanks for this really moving post. I hope the heavens open up and give you the rain you need.

Jenna said...

My mother found out 8 weeks ago she had a plasma cancer. For 2 months my siblings and I traded going up two hours away every week leaving our kids and caring for her. I watched her 24/7. My best friend, my mom was dying slowly before my eyes. Never have I done anything so tough as to take care of her like that. 8 weeks after she found out she had cancer she went home to Heaven. That was two weeks ago. I've followed your blog since Camille passed. I felt your pain along the way. But I truely understNd what's it's like to feel such loss. I know it's not a child, but my mother is so hard to lose. I thought of
you and many others. I knew if you endured I could too. Thank you for sharing your grief, for it has helped me so far in my early process if it. You have been an inspiration. I fell apart the day we planned her funeral. My husband got a call that he has skin cAncer and needed surgery. 3 hours later my dad called in tears saying my baby that's 2 had a seizure and paramedics were there. I really questioned where Heavenly Father was and how he let
this all happen at once. I have thought the same thing about other people wodering what they might be facing right now. I thought people have no idea what I've had to do these last few months and the pain and suffering I've seen. But then I had no idea what they may be facing. I have so much more compassion for people
now. I hope I can help lift others in trying times because I have felt that sorrow and I know they need
to be lifted.But I am amazed at how many people have come to our aid, even strangers to lift us up. You have lifted me and and given me courage and strength.. Thank you Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I have read off and on, and I have a question you might could answer. I read the post that you and your friends started a private blog for parents that have lossed a child. Since you are limited for readers, do you know of a blog of some sorts for mothers that have lost children through miscarriage, or like me and my friends, our babies were born but went back to Heavenly Father a few hours later. As to my understanding, even though they lived, have a birth certificate and everything, you don't allow that, since our babies only lived a few short hours, where your child lived for years. It has been hard grieving for a baby that you lose hours after months of carry them. Do you know of any blogs that are more for our situation? Thank you for your help. I guess I'm weathering this storm. The grief is so hard sometimes, but I'm trying to get through the storms and wait for the sun to shine and maybe even get a glimps of a rainbow.

Thank you Stephanie for your help. If you don't know of any blogs, do you have any suggestions, you being a mother yourself?

The Holland Family said...

Saw this quote that goes well with your post. "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." (or some kind of storm) We just don't know what everyone is fighting or weathering. Thanks as always, Nicole - Mia's mom ^i^

Anonymous said...

well since others are asking questions..I have a question..I remember once you had a "Ask Stephanie Day" and I had wanted to ask it then, but didn't, and was waiting for another goes...being married now for close to 10 years, I am well aware of the ups and downs of a relationship, what are some of the things that you do as a wife to make your marriage strong? I am looking for not necessary new ideas, but maybe some better ones to strengthen our marriage, or at least my part. Any thoughts?

Hope you enjoyed your rain!

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

ShaLyse Walker said...

amazing post.
you are such a beautiful writer.
I wrote about your blog on my own today.
your journey through the loss of Camille has inspired me so much.
This post on storms is exactly what I needed.
I work in news and everyday, I think about all of the people in this world ...even right here in Utah that are hurting so much.
Keep up the gorgeous writing.