Monday, April 27, 2009

Not This Week!

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. My doctor has been predicting an April baby for a couple of weeks now. Last time I went and she checked me (a week ago) she got all excited. "I'm touching the baby's head. You are dilated to a 3! Let's break your water and have a baby!" She is funny--totally energetic and excited. 

"Hmmm. No this is not a good week," I replied. "I have company coming in town this week." She was sure that this fact would put me in to labor. Yet, alas I am still pregnant. 

Today I found out that both Sabrina and Ann Marie made it into their school talent show. Apparently they only had room for 12 acts. Sabrina will be singing "Maybe" from Annie and Ann Marie is playing Allegro on the violin. They have practices after school this week and the performance is on Friday. 

So that pretty much translates into "I can't have a baby this week." Hopefully my body will cooperate. I do still have one more week till my due date. And I have been dilated to a 3 before and still gone over due and had to be induced so I am hopeful. I can wait. Hopefully Noble can too.


Steph K said...

Wishing you a quick and easy labor when you want it! :)

Love your blog!

Steph K

Mythreesons said...

i was thinking about you this afternoon, wondering what would happen tomorrow. My sister wasn't due until Thursday and is in the hospital as we speak... another excitable doctor who was convinced it needed to happen NOW. Good luck this week and hang in there! And woot, woot on the girls making the talent show--that's awesome!

Kristen said...

I too was dialated to 3 for just over a week. I went 3 days late before I caved and used castor oil. took it at 1pm and baby appeared at 9:07. If you go over and get desperate it's not horrible mixed with OJ. Good luck! I hope your labor experience is beautiful and you feel the strong presence of our Savior in those moments when little Noble leaves his arms and fills yours! I too love your blog!

God Bless

munyer jerk chicken said...

wow... i thought i was the only one crazy enough to actually wish for a late delivery. i'm due on the 15th, and jacob will be done with his school year on the 22. so if the baby can wait just one week, life will be a lot less complicated for all of us. at the same time though, constant contractions make me reconsider. hmmm... good luck whatever way it goes for you!

Stephanie said...

I concur, not this week!
I have last minute plans to go to Florida with Jason; we leave Wednesday night and get back Saturday night; so anytime after that is good for me :)

{my word verification is "pringled" and find myself suddenly craving something salty!}

Mimi's Toes said...

Wow, my daughter-in-law is dialated 2 and she goes back Friday to be checked again. Would be neat if you both had your baby boys on the same day. Am I missing something here, or is "Noble" your baby boy's name?

Anonymous said...

you are so cheery and such a trooper! good for you! you know a mommy has more than one kiddo when they CAN wait for a baby!!!!! : )

happy nesting and cuddling your other kiddos... and i hope you have a safe, healthy delivery.


Heather & Greg said...

I love reading your blog, you remind me so much of myself! Isn't it amazing how we are willing to endure the pain of the end of a pregnancy just so we don't miss out on our other kids events?!?! I wish you the best of luck this next little while and hope Noble cooperates or that your body will cooperate. If not I wish you a speedily recovery so you will still be able to attend these events. Congrats to the girls for their wonderful accomplishments!!!

Unknown said...

I wish you the best in your birth story with Noble & hope the Lord's plan is mostly in line with your desires this week! Congrats to the girls, wish them luck! :)

Chelsea said...

these babies never do what they are supposed to! If you were thinking, "ok, you can come" he wouldn't but watch.... now you said NOT to come, and you will have a baby. Like the day of the talent show or something odd!!! haha!

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME about the girls! I bet they are wonderful performers. Riley tells me all the time that Annie plays the violin and she wants to try it. We'll have to check into that. As for Noble.....Sat. would be a good day; that is the day I predicted and it would go along with your, lets shoot for that(lol). Sound good? Either way, I hope all goes well. Know that we are thinking of you and continue to pray for you and your family often.

Love ya,
Nikki K.

a.k.a. Jack said...

Oh, I thought of one more thing. If you want to do it natural, it is helpful to not let them break your water until you are ready to push. This is good for multiple reasons. First, it will keep your contractions more bearable. Once the water breaks they get so much stronger and harder to bear. Also, if they break it when you are ready to push, it helps lubricate things when you are pushing. Of course there's always the chance it will break on it's own, like it did when I went into labor with Nathan.

Also, it also makes a big difference to be able to be up walking around and moving. It's so much harder if you are stuck in a bed. You can ask for intermittent monitoring instead of constant. Or, you can just try to do as much of your labor at home before you get to the hospital where they don't like to listen to you. :) Those are just a few more tips I thought of. Good luck. You can do it! I'm excited for you!

Samantha said...

Yep I was dialated before all three of mine too. With the last two I walked around for 3&4 weeks 3cm dialated. My Dr. was convinced I would have them early and I went a week over due for all three. LOL. However it means you are that much closer when the time does come. I hope your bags are packed! Wishing you a truly happy L&D.