Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Ideas Please

Camille with her Easter basket last year.

Hi everyone!

So April is a big month for me as it is Camille's birthday month and it is Easter. I was thinking about this the other day. I really really want to CELEBRATE Easter in our family. I mean, I want it to be as exciting and celebratory as Christmas.  This is the celebration that Christ overcame death. That is especially worth celebrating in our family. This is the day we celebrate that Camille will live again.

Sure it is true that we must suffer the sorrow of separation and the basket of grief feelings that go with losing a child for now. But there is hope. Christ has given us hope in the promise of the gift of resurrection. I want to celebrate this gift which is to me now more precious than ever before.

I want to make it fun and joyous for little kids. I want them to anticipate Easter and the month of April as a month of celebration. I want them to feel the happiness and joy of this great gift the Savior has given us in the resurrection. 

I do not, however, want to commercialize Easter like has been done to Christmas. I am looking for fun way to make Easter more than just a day long and more exciting and fun for kids than eggs, an easter basket, and a good meal. 

Ideas anyone?


Jill said...

There is little book(LDS), "A Christ Centered Easter" by Janet and Joe Hales with lots of day by day easter week ideas. ex: passover dinner, easter story cookies where all the ingredients have scripture refrences and you "seal" them in the oven over night, plays, and several little stories.

katie said...

I was also going to suggest the same book. It is a great book, we used some of the ideas to help our family to think of ways to really celebrate Easter.It also helps that he is my cousin, and knowing the type of family they are.

Anonymous said...

I do a scavenger hunt around the house, and the hunt always includes goodies for the basket, and activities for the kids to do along the way. The clues always rhyme and take the kids all over the house. We plan it inside, because of the weather. It is something my kids look forward to every year. So not as religious, but very festive and fun.

The Forney Four said...

I always make an extra effort to not have any commercial type decorations up whatsoever. We instead do more decorating with things of the Savior. All our FHEs are about the Savior and we use this month as an extra push to share the gospel.

How perfect that your camille was born in April. I just think that in itself was a blessing from the Lord.

I love reading your blog. It always increases my faith. And I'm so glad you're having a boy. There is nothing like a mommy's boyfriend!!

Shanan said...

No ideas ... just thought I'd mention that I think that is such a precious picture of Camille!

Katie and Mark said...

This does not really have to do with Easter, but I was wondering whether you have have been to this familie's blog:


Their little girl just passed away. There is a BEAUTIFUL verse someone wrote for their daughter to the tune of "I am a Child of God." I thought it was amazing and thought you might enjoy it as well!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a little cheesy, but you could easily tweak it to fit your own taste, and it would be an appropriate and fun way to talk about the resurrection with younger children:


Susy said...

We do an Easter tree and put all kinds of fun goodies on it. Favorite scriptures written on pastel color pieces of paper, candies, little Easter objects found at stores, pictures of family all kinds of goodies. Whatever you want. We display it in the living room so when people come in we share what we put on it and why....Have fun and CELEBRRATE!

Momza said...

HI Stephanie,
(I talk as tho you and I are lifelong friends, when in reality you have no idea who I am and I know you only thru your sweet blog!)
So this is how we celebrate Easter:

The "easter Bunny" comes on Friday night--he leaves the goodies, hides the eggs and baskets. Saturday morning is spent egg hunting, candy eating and all that goes with that.
Saturday Evening, we change the tone of Easter by making the Easter Story cookies and Sunday we celebrate the true meaning by focusing on the Savior and the Atonement by reading a special talk, listening to special music, etc.
We've been doing it this way for years, and it works for us!

Heather T said...

I've always loved the "Easter Story Cookies" http://www.sugardoodle.net/Easter%20Ideas/Easter%20Story%20Cookies.shtml I don't have kids yet but I think it would be a wonderful way to teach about the Resurrection.

Tara L. said...

I wish I had a good idea for you. We have our Easter Egg hunts etc also on Saturday and then focus on the spiritual on Sunday. I love to read the last conference talk that was give by Bruce R. McConkie every easter. I love that picture of Camille.

Mandy Frehner said...

I never commented on your blog, but I love reading it. You explain gospel principles in a direct and simple way.
I had an institute teacher that always quoted 2 Nephi 11:4, "…and all things which have been given of God from the beginning of the world, unto man, are the typifying of him." (meaning Christ). He taught us to look at everyday things in the beautiful world and think about how they typified Christ. I think this would be a good activity to do with kids.
I remember reading that your girls all had special flowers. I think you could do plant or purchase new spring flowers. What a better way to teach about Camille's beauty and celebrate her life while teaching how those things all typify Christ.
I hope that makes sense:)

Emily said...

Our family has made a special dinner that went along with the primary song, "Did Jesus really live again?". We eat fish and get a real honeycomb and talk about the words and the message of the song. It was great for our young children.
We also make the resurrection cookies that were mentioned above. Then on Sunday morning, there would be a special church book and a new tie for our boys to wear for church.

sherrie said...

Our family always had 'Easter Bunny Day' on Saturday with baskets, egg hunts, a picnic at the beach or a park with lots of kite flying. It was a fun family day that we enjoyed each year, and that way Easter Sunday was all about the Savior. I, too, love the 'Easter Story Cookies'. It is a great way to transition from Saturday to Sunday. This is a nice object lesson that presents the Easter story in a more memorable way for kids. I couldn't find it online to include a link, so I just tried to organize it to fit in this comment space. I hope it is understandable.



[* Very effective when colorful plastic Easter eggs hold each object with the companion scripture reference. Number the eggs, which can be hung from a tree or nestled in a basket.]

1-PALM SUNDAY --- (Piece of palm)
John 12:13 --- Christ on white donkey

2-THE LAST SUPPER --- (Sacrament cup)
Matthew 26:26-29 --- The Last Supper
Luke 22:17-20
Mark 14:22-25
John 6:50-65

3-THE ATONEMENT --- (A leaf)
Matthew 26:36-46 --- Christ in Gethsemane

4-THE BETRAYAL --- (Candy 'kiss')
Matthew 10:4 --- Judas
Mark 14:44

John 19:17-30 --- Christ with cross

6-THE CRUCIFIXION --- (Piece of wood)
Luke 23:33-35 --- Christ on the cross

7-CHRIST WAS BURIED IN A TOMB --- (A round rock)
John 19:38-42 --- Picture of the tomb

3 Nephi 11 --- Christ with Nephites
John 20:1-18 --- Christ at tomb
John 20:22-29 --- Christ showing nail marks in his hands

www.adorn-jewelry.blogspot.com said...

I was ging to suggest the easter cookies like the first poster. i think i have the recipe in my email if you want it.

there are also those easter eggs that have symbols of jesus and his death and resurrection inside each one. i believe walmart carries them. they come in a box. you could open them one a day before easter and the last on easter morning. they have scriptures in them to go with the symbol.

seems like missy planned a passover meal last year and all the food had meanings and symbols to go with it. if you are interested, i will ask her if she has it typed up to email to you.

*cArLeY* said...

Thank you for sharing the sweet picture of Camille. I love reading your blog and the spirt that surounds me each and every time I read. You are an amazing person and your sweet Camille has taught me more than any adult will. Thank you for sharing your sweet Camille and your story.

Anonymous said...

I would add to the numbered eggs idea an empty egg either last or second to last to commemorate the empty tomb.

Angie said...

I've gotta check out those Easter Story cookies! As mentioned we too seperate our holiday, Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday and Savior on Sunday. It has become my family's FAVORITE holiday, simply because we are surrounded by family and fun and also because there's not a lot of money and stress involved I think (like with Christmas). I too was thinking you could maybe do something using the different flowers you have for each girl. Maybe start a fun Easter tradition with those?? Good luck!

runningmom said...

We always celebrate the full week before by doing something each day to remind us what Jesus did each day of his last week. We read the corresponding scriptures too...

Sunday--Triumphal Entry--we make Palm leaves and wave them shouting "Hosanna, Jesus is King", etc..

We eat figs the day he cursed the fig trees. We eat Matzo ball soup, fish, grape juice for dinner the night of the last supper (common Jewish food). We make the Easter cookies too.

It works out well, because one day nothing is recorded in the scriptures (Wed?) we use that day to dye our Easter eggs.

heather said...

The suggestion "A Christ Cenetered Easter" was one I was going to also suggest. The Hales were in my ward and you could tell that Easter was an important and exciting event in their family.

Holly said...

I never comment, but I just love that picture. She looks truly happy. I love your blog! Keep the good stuff coming!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. Our family does the same tradition as some of your other readers. Easter Fun Day~ The Saturday before is filled with easter egg hunts and baskets and fun. Then we celebrate Easter Sunday and focus on Jesus Christ. Beautiful sweet picture of Camille.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could come up with an advent of sorts using scriptures. You could pick the number of days, maybe do 7 or 14 or something leading up to Easter since it's not always on the same day of the month. And if you do...could you share them with us? :) I love your blog. I love how intelligent you are and how spiritual, too.

Mimi's Toes said...

What a precious picture of Camille. I don't have any ideas for you but I am sure you will choose something special for your family.

The Robinson's said...

That is a beautful picture of Camille! I too, love the idea of doing something with each of the girls' flowers.

There is also a wonderful site www.sugardoole.net that has great ideas for anything. It is from an LDS woman. Just search easter and a whole page pops up with ideas. I teach the CTR 8's and I use this website all the time. Very helpful.

Good luck in your searching. Take care.

bills said...

For the past three years our family lived a part of a very conservative Catholic community. We learned to really LOVE Lent. In fact I can't imagine celebrating Easter without thinking about the 40 days Christ spent in the wilderness prior to to triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It was truly a sacred time and no wonder it is not recorded anywhere in the scriptures, as is all that is most sacred we seal it in our hearts.

Anyway, as a family we talk about what we are going to sacrifice for the next 40 days and we all make a promise to help one another keep our "fast" Mostly the kids love reminding mom and dad that we shouldn't be eating that bowl of ice cream or watching TV after dinner. For me it's much easier to give something up when I do it with a purpose. Everytime I am tempted to break my fast, my thoughts are immediately drawn to the Savior and I'm able to continue.

And in the grand spirit of traditions, there is a feast to start Lent and a feast to end it. We are still fine tuning our Palm Sunday and beyond celebrations, but mostly they are the same as what has been listed here. So although Lent is in full swing, start now. Give something up, make a goal and do it as a family. For more brainstorming on Lent I'd be happy to share, but really, I love Lent and wish I could really share my feelings about it, but a blog isn't the easiest place to do that.


Laura said...

In the new testament the resurrection is likened unto a seed springing forth (wish I could find it, I'm looking!), and if you think about it , it's really beautiful symbolism. A seed is hard, cold, and has no outward signs of life. You put it in the ground, and soon, it springs up to new life. I think that planting seeds would be a beautiful way to show your children what resurrection means . Let us know what you come up with, I'm sure it will be great!