Monday, March 2, 2009

Raising Resurrected Children

To the commenter who asked about the LDS doctrine that mother's whose child dies in youth will be able to finish raising them after the resurrection:

It is funny you should ask this right now. I just posted a comment on our angel blog to a mother who felt the same as your friend. In an effort to save time and avoid carpal tunnel :) I will just copy my comment here.

On the LDS doctrine of raising kids after the resurrection: First, you are right to think of your child as an adult. His spirit is a mature adult spirit. All of ours were before we were born and they all return to that state after we die. Your child, however, when he is resurrected will be rejoined with his body as it was when he died. Meaning, he will only be a few months old. He has no need to progress in all the spiritual ways that the rest of us do. But he cannot become like our Heavenly Father fully without the full development of his body.

I don't know what it is going to be like to raise such a child in such a time and with a resurrected body. Maybe they will be teaching us spiritual things from their cribs. I don't know. Maybe they will, like Jesus who was perfect, still have to grow mentally and emotionally as they age. But I trust that raising our children in that time will be sweeter than I can now understand or realize. I trust that it will heal all the hurt to our hearts. Somebody will have to raise each child who has died in their youth. These spirits will need to take the time to grow physically so that they can be like our Father. This will not be holding them back. It will be helping them progress.

In my case, Camille passed away just before she started talking. She was just beginning to understand and follow simple directions. I feel like I did so much of the baby work of no sleep and feedings and never got to the really rewarding part of hearing her call my name or tell me she loved me. I want that. I look forward to the day I can finish the work I started by bringing her into this world and raising her for the 14 months we had her. I believe strongly that this time raising her will be one of the sweetest experiences of my existence.

It is hard to imagine how we will feel then. But it is only important that we live worthy of any blessing we may then desire and that is ours for the having.

Hope that helps you and/or your friend understand this a bit better.


Anonymous said...

I found 2 recent angel moms that when they feel ready might gain great strength from your Angel blog.

They both just lost daughters to Neuroblastoma cancer.

So sad about Gracie Girl today. Wondering why our Heavenly Father is taking so many sweet little ones home? I pray all of you dear Angel mommies can feel peace in his plan.

Erin Lafleur said...

This is what keeps me going every day, knowing someday my little Benjamin will be returned to my arms and what a reunion that will be! Hurry up!

kathryn_m said...

I find this topic so fastinating -- but I can't seem to get a full understanding of it.

Perhaps you can help.

I can certainly understand the great reward The Promise holds for parents who's child died young.

We are mature spirts before we come to Earth and return back as mature spirits .. am I correct so far?

After the Resurection, what is the benefit to the spirit to return to his young mortal flesh? Is it soley to physically grow?

Since families are forever, will mother & child .. sister & brother be seen that was for eternity? (assume a natural life span) When you raise Camille, will your other children be adults? (God willing)

I know this is kind of deep but am most interested in your thoughts.

I know you are busy so respond at your leisure. (leisure?? Now, THAT must surely be a foreign word!)

love 'n hugs,

kathyrn_m said...

Hi Stephanie:

In re-reading your post, you have addressed my questions for the most part.



bills said...

A week ago my 3 year old started telling us a story about when we will all be little kids again. I asked, "When will that be?" She said "when we are all in Heaven." "Well, Sweety, if we are all little kids who will take care of us?" I asked. She smiled and looked at me like I was trying to pull one over on her and simply said "Heavenly Father and Jesus"

Why do I share? I've spent sometime thinking about that and I remembered a post a while ago that you had on this same topic (I wanted to debate but you said no) Anyway,my daughters little narration gave me an entirely new picture of what it means to be brought back to "our Prime" And also that Heavenly Father is always asking us to be like little children. I've always thought of these things figuratively, not literally, Thinking back on my life, or at least watching my kids grow, youth is prime. They can dream anything, be anyone, the world is a place of possibilities yet to be discovered, lessons to learn, and filled with people to love. As we grow, we become "too smart" and learn that not all things are possible.

That is my thought. I'm NOT stating it as doctrine whatsoever! I just like what I've learned from thinking about it. Even if I'm totally off base by thinking such things, it brings a smile to think about or try to imagine my life before this one when I was reared by our Father in Heaven.

I'm babbling but the point I'm really trying to make is that the Lord blesses us with what we need, when we need it. You may have a deeper understanding of this principal because, you need it. I don't and until we need certain things, it may remain a mystery to our understanding. (this is confusing, oh well, I'm posting it anyway)


neener said...

I really enjoyed your comments regarding this subject. You brought all my knowledge to my rememberance and I felt the spirit so strong through your words. You are a great writer. Thanks for your words today.