Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Letter From Emily...

Hello all you generous donors and bidders! 

Today is the last day to bid on items in the Emily Jones Memorial Fund Auction. Lets get the bids up as high as we can to help out Emily!

Yesterday I got an email from Emily. With her permission I want to share it with all of you because I think it is really meant for all of us. 

Hey Stephanie,
I don't have a reason for writing this e-mail except to tell you that I think you are the most amazing girl I've (n)ever met. I've spent all day online trying to figure out what I want to do with my life...looking for possible careers and graduate programs and ultimately feeling so discouraged that I put my head down and started to cry. Photography was my "backup plan" for getting through medical school, but I'd never thought of a backup plan for being a single mom for the rest of my life. Anyway, it's been a hard day. To make a long story short, I gave up on my future and decided to spend some time looking at your blog instead. 

I can't explain the overwhelming feeling of love and hope it gave me to see how many wonderful people there are in the world. Some of the people involved in your auction are my friends but most of them are people I've never met. I am deeply grateful for both. All of the items are adorable and things that I would bid on myself if I were in the position to do so. I was also amazed by how generous people are being with their bids. 

How can I thank all these people? How can I let them know that this means more to me than just monetary relief? I don't know how to explain it. I have the hope that comes from faith, but there are times when I've felt so lonely and scared of facing a future without John. But feeling loved by so many people dissipates the fear and loneliness.

I don't fully understand why you are doing all this for me, a perfect stranger, but I want you to know that you have changed my life. Someday I hope I can find ways to support others the way you have supported me. You're an amazing example.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything you're doing.


To me THIS is really what Christmas is all about. Honestly, I was a bit worried about trying to find and feel the magic and joy and love of Christmas this year. The second Christmas after a death was proving harder than the first. But between this auction and a service project my husband headed, I think  we have felt more of the true Christmas Spirit around here than any other Christmas. 

There is something about giving to the point of true sacrifice that really fills your heart with the love of Christ. I hope all of you will keep opening up your wallets and hearts enough to feel that too.

Thank you to all of you for helping me and ESPECIALLY for helping Emily.


Carol said...

Such a sweet letter! Thanks for posting it and for having this auction.

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Merry Christmas Stephanie! Thank you for your efforts to help Emily. What a beutiful gift you have given her.

Anonymous said...

Emily and Stephanie,
When I was 14 years old, an anonymous church member paid the $6difference between the cost of a week at church camp and what I had earned with perfect attendance. It changed my life. I will continue to "pay it forward" as long as I live. Thank you for this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Within 5 minutes I read Jenn Larsen's and your comments about the second year. Perhaps there's a connection for you.

Meg said...

Thank you for sharing that letter. When I first heard this story I really wanted to help. I'm so glad that you are doing this auction. There wasn't much that I could do to help, other than auction one of my family trees. I too have had a hard year full of trials... I had a stillborn little boy earlier this year and a few months later was diagnosed with cancer. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and I so I really don't have much to give... but I can make a tree. I have been very blessed this year by the generosity of others, I'm overwhelmed by the help I've recieved from others. I'm sure that you and Emily feel this way with the trials you have faced and continue to face. I think that those of us who have been handed extremely difficult trials are quick to do whatever we can for others who are suffering... because we've been there, and we want to give back for all that has been given to us. Thanks for this opportunity!

Chelsea said...

All of this makes me feel so happy that there is still good & love in the world today. What a beautiful thing it is for people to help people. I am so touched.

Jamie said...

Stephanie/Emily, I just want to express my great love and desire to help. This ordeal has hit closer to home than I expected. I had heard of the tragic accident and it brought me back 4 years ago when I lost my husband, Jon, leaving me a single mom. I felt the same way that Emily does now. You don't know how your future will be without that loved one and its so daunting that you want to give up. I hope I can truly express to Emily (and to you, Stephanie) that it will get better. I am remarried now and doing my best to make my life better. We've had more tragedy and hardship since,'s ok. The Lord is aware and helps in ways we don't even see. I pray for a good holiday season for all of you. It does get better. I still have breakdowns and miss my old life, BUT I'm blessed, happy, and loved. Best of luck and keep your chins up! Happy Holidays! With deepest sympathy/empathy, Jamie M.

Amalie said...

Stephanie- I think you are amazing for putting together this auction also, so thank you.

e said...

I HAVE met you ;) and KNOW emily is right. you are amazing and camille is smiling. love you. off to bid!

i said...

have i told you i love blogs recently?? why...yes i have. i love them because peoples lives can be touched, sitting in front of a computer screen. i'm so glad you shared her touching letter with all of us. i needed a good cry. i'm also you've found a way to feel peace through your trial as well. service is usually is the answer to whatever ails us, isn't it! :)

Krista Jones said...

I have been so touched by this blog and this auction. While reading Emily's letter, something came to mind that I feel I need to share. 4 years ago, my husband lost his father, leaving his mother with their youngest at home. She is one of the most spiritual people I had ever met, and I admire her so much. In the months following his death, she was struggling to figure out what to do financially, and it seemed as though nothing was working out. Speaking to her about it one day, I will never forget her tremendous faith and what she told me: "I know that Heavenly Father would not have taken him unless He had a plan for me to be taken care of." She was right. She soon crossed paths with an amazing person who was able to help her sort things out and she now has an amazing financial plan for her future. She is being taken care of. Emily, you and your family are in my prayers and I know that you will be taken care of too. Stephanie, you and your family continue to be in my prayers, and you inspire me with every blog post. Thank you for this opportunity.