Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This is Lauren's new sleeping position. She goes to the La Z Boy and starts rocking. Then she slumps over and the next thing we know she is out like a light. I loved this particular pose with her Cinderella dress on and her hands all cupped around her chin.

The funny part is that she totally denies that she has slept. I will ask how her nap was and she says she didn't nap -- she wasn't asleep. I ask her to explain the snoring. She denies it ever happened. Today I took a different tactic.

"So Lauren. Then why didn't you answer when I was asking you if you wanted a cookie? Were you ignoring me? Or were you asleep? Because if you were ignoring me you must not want a cookie but if you were asleep when I asked then I guess you could have one now if you wanted one."

I could see the wheels turning in her head. I finally had her.

Very sheepishly, almost so soft and mumbled that I couldn't hear her, "I was sleeping."

Mark one up for Mom. Lauren finally admitted she was wrong about SOMETHING. I guess cookies are a pretty good truth incentive.


shanan said...

ha. what a sweet little girl. cookies would be a good enough incentive for me too!

bsu fam said...

My daughter will say the same thing. "I didn't take a nap." We all just smile and say "OK".

Hoskins Family said...

what a sweetie! It's fun to see her in that princess dress...I'm glad to see someone else loving it as much as Aliza did!

Sue said...

She is darling and then some.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Love the hands at her face... a pretty little princess, for sure!

Sharon said...

What a great picture!

My 14you tries to convince me that he's "not sleeping" too. He's just listening to his music, on his bed, with his eye's closed...yeah, that explains why I had to call 4 times before he responded (groggily--is that a word?). I guess he had that music up really loud

rebecca said...

Lauren sounds like a card. carina denies that she has slept too. what is it with our girls that think they know more then mom:)