Monday, August 3, 2009

It Happens to us All at Least Once

If you have little girls or if you ever were a little girl, chances are you have at some point seen the effects of playing beauty shop with real scissors. The other night Jon brought Lauren downstairs. In his hand were kid school scissors and the hair above.

She had cut all the hair in front of her ear on one side of her head to about ear length. Pretty sad for a girl who has been begging me to make her hair long like Annie's so she can have a big braid. This is the second time we have had unauthorized hair cutting in this family. The last time was before Lauren had hair.

Last time Sabrina put a dish towel around Annie, who was then about 3 and gave her a nightmare hair cut with a few random one inch long pieces. Then she cut her own hair to her chin in the front. That time I lost it. I cried and cried. I was so sad to see my little girls with their lovely hair so butchered and have to be cut so short.

This time I was far less devastated. The girls hair cuts before ended up being really cute thanks to the magic of Aunt Carolyn's wonderful hair cutting skills. I hoped Lauren's would be equally as fixable.

But in an effort to scare her enough not to have her cut any more hair, I did lay on the "how sad, now we will have to cut off all your hair" drama pretty thick. I think it did the trick. Lauren spent much of the 2 days before we actually got her hair cut locking herself in Noble's room hiding. She didn't want me to find her and take her to get her hair cut.

We did eventually get it cut and I think we ALL are pleased with the outcome. Thanks to my friend Cairen for coming to our rescue with her expert hair cutting skills.
Here is the after picture. I forgot to take the photo of her before. Whoops.
I just love this pose.
My little Lauren is a cute girl with long or short hair. Though she will have to wait some time before we are going to be able to do any big braids for her. Till then she will just have to look cute with her short hair cut.


Kyra said...

My niece went through this phase which hysterically took out her troll collection. She gave them all "NEW HAIR" and hid the evidence under her bed. My sister nearly had a heart attack when she saw the rainbow mess under the bed. She did not connect it to the dolls and thought something was happening to the cat. When I came over to see the evidence i laughed and pointed to the dolls on the shelf.

hwscutie said...

It was sad to hear when my parents came back from taking my two kids on a trip that my son had cut his sister's hair. My parents made it sound worse than it was and all that needed to be done was a little layering.

The Garner Gang said...

Cute. I never had a child cut their hair untiI had Lea. she has made up for it though cutting her hair a total of 5 times. she always does a splendid job! lol

shanan said...

she looks adorable! Cute new style ... even if it came in a not-cute way! :)

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Oh yes, happens to the best of us!! My oldest daughter did it to her little sister. But worse, I had my grand daughter at school with me and let her stay in my classroom alone to play while I taught my music class in another room, when I came back she had cut her hair. I felt horrible. My daughter, bless her heart, took it pretty well! Lauren looks so cute with her new haircut!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Everyone with little girls--and little boys, may I add--has to go through this at least once. And the more kids, the more often. Every time I think we're past that phase, another hair-cut happens. The last time it was on my dolls (the ones I used to play with when I was my youngest daughter's age), who live on my girls' shelves. That one was (temporarily) more devastating than my kids' hair, which will grow back!

Judy said...

It is so sad to see your own little girl come out of a room with their hair cut!! My now 5 year old did that two weeks before Christmas (with the help of her big brother)! The worst part was it was not fixable - she cut her bangs all the way to her scalp!! I could finally get a curling iron around them in May!! I was so upset I didn't know what to do except laugh!!

Lauren said...

I would cry and cry!!
But she looks adorable with short hair!!

Rach said...

I saw the hair and all I could say was, "Oh NO!" for I *knew* what it was. Hannah was AWFUL about cutting her hair. The photos I have of her with a brand new Lily are of her with self-shorn locks. :oP

I know I'm asking for it by even typing it, but thank goodness Lil hasn't decided to play "beauty shop" yet.

I'm delighted you were able to salvage Lauren's hair, though. The cut is too sweet on such a precious face. :o)

Anonymous said...

It does look lovely acually!

My friend's daughter had her hair cut by her friend but her bangs were cut close to the head and it looked so so awful.

Then a year later her little sister was at the same friend's house, and yep, you guessed. This time all her little sister's golden curls were cut off...close to her head. Oy.

Her mother cried. A lot.

My brother and I did the same thing when we were kids....on mothers day...and served the red and white hair to Mum on a silver tray. I had a very short haircut for a very long time.



Sarah Mildon said...

That happened to me when I was little. My mom had gone to take my grandparents to the airport. When she came home, she found long strands of brown hair in the bathroom sink. Then she found me. Because of the way I had to position my self (standing on the tub, leaning onto the sink to look in the mirror) one sid of my head was cut to the scalp. My mom did the guilt trip with me too, saying something like "look how bad your hair looks now." She was able to fix it by doing a pixie type hair cut and giving me a perm. I never cut my own hair again. I was always scared I would mess up and then I would look funny.

Christina said...

She looks darling!! With 5 kids, we have been through that...oh so many times!!! My oldest even decided to try a new hair style herself, when she was 12!!!!!!! You think they'd be over it by then? She has also shaved her eyebrows. When my now 6-yr old was 1, her 3 and 4 yr old brothers cut her hair. I didn't notice at first- but was combing her hair and clumps were coming out. I was panicked why she was *losing* hair and SO relieved to find out it was just something her brothers did to her!! Sigh. Anyway! Glad it turned out cute!!!

cynphil6 said...

She looks so cute! My Lauren went through this phase too. She would cut her hair, her barbies hair, her friends hair, etc. FINALLY our hairdresser told her that she couldn't cut ANYONE'S hair ANYMORE until she went to school and learned how to do it. It seems to have worked. Great memories though!

Sarah said...

Yes, everyone has to try it at least once I guess. :) My brother and I did it as a "Mother's Day gift" before our parents woke up one year....Happy Mother's Day Mom! hahaha....glad you handled it well!