Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing with PhotoBooth

This morning Noble was fussing a little so I turned on Photo Booth to see if he would like seeing himself. We took a few pictures and even though I am in my pjs and glasses, I liked how cute Lauren and Noble looked in some of them. So here is a bit of our fun from this morning.

It started out just the two of us. One of us is feeling a bit grumpy.

Grumpy kinda liked seeing the picture of himself and cheered up a little.

Then silly came along and joined in the fun.

Then silly gave us a smile too.

I love those blue of my baby boy. They so often remind me of my sweet girl. Funny though how even though my kids look similar as babies each has his or her own "spirit" about them that is unique and totally identifiable.

Someone once asked me how I know when I feel Camille near me. I think each person's spirit has its own feel. It is what makes me know which of my identical twin brother I am talking to on the phone or which of them it is when I see them together. They may look identical but their spirits are so different and each has a different sense or feel to him.

I can't always tell my identical twin nephews apart. But that is because I am not around them enough to KNOW the feel of their Spirit. It is familiarity that helps us KNOW the feel of our family members so well. Sometimes I look into Noble's eyes which look so like Camille's eyes to try to see a bit of her. But Noble's spirit shines so brightly through his eyes that there is no mistaking who I am looking at.

That is how it is now with Camille. I can't see or hear her now. But I can still feel the sense of her at times and that makes me think she must be near.


shanan said...

very sweet pictures. beautiful little boy ... and silly little Lauren! :D

Diana Lesjak said...

Photo Booth... so very fun! Ride the coaster with Lauren... my grand girls love it! Identical twin brothers... must have been fun... Does one of them have the twins? Noble is looking so big! Camille is very near you always, isn't she? Bless her heart!

Anonymous said...

I believe she will always be very close! You are an Eternal Family and she knows were the bulk of her family is and I believe she wants to be near you. Not that I believe she is there every moment...but I believe she is given opportunities to join your family. Even when it isn't special moments like baptism or weddings, but just moments when she desires to be close.

Anonymous said...

Love to you Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

What is photobook steph?

Rach said...

The Photo Booth photos are fantastic. :o)

I absolutely "get" what you are saying about the feel of a person's spirit. I can feel Han's presence with me and it is most definitely different from her sister's.

Hoping all is well. HUGS!

Jenny M said...

Tears again. You write so beautifully! It's true about children's spirits. And it is so sweet.