Thursday, July 9, 2009

Go Check Out the News!

My sister is holding special portfolio building priced photography sessions in the next month or so. Go check out her blog on the side bar for full details.

Also go check out Sabrina's blog. She has big news to share.
I will give you a hint... She definitely has her parents eyes.


The Ballstaedts said...

Whats the link to Sabrina's Blog?

shanan said...

The Ballstaedts - you can find it in Steph's list of blogs. It is titled, 'The Saby Blog.'

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I have a a mom...sometimes I worry about blogs...and with so many people going "private" do you ever worry about your blog being too public or putting up pictures of your family? Just seem like such a great mom, and I remember you spoke once at something about blogs at some sort of conference, do you have any advice about what to put on your blog or what not to put a blog to keep your family safe. I hope all that made sense! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love Sabrina's glasses; she is so cute! We have just been referred to an opthamologist for our 4 year old. Dr. thinks she'll probably be in glasses by the time she starts school; we shall see.

Nikki K.