Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday Girl Lauren

This was my three year old little girl. It is with mixed emotions that I have spent this week with her declaring herself "Birthday Girl Lauren." She was excited all week about her birthday and has decided to remain "Birthday Girl Lauren," as she has taken to calling herself, indefinitely. I on the other hand have had a rough time seeing her turn four. Suddenly she became my baby girl and now she is growing up --- fast.

I will admit it has been a harder week for me. I have had some rough nights missing the girl who is supposed to be my baby girl but is not here for me to squeeze and love and dress up. But in the light of day I have held it together and we have celebrated for Lauren. She has been feeling her oats and trying to use the "birthday girl" status to take over the world (or at least to try to control everything and everyone in her world.)

We held a birthday party for her complete with Arial cake made by my baker friend and neighbor.

Thanks Jeni!

Oh and there were friends and cousins and candles to blow out of course.

And we can forget presents and party games (6 games in all and that was after we narrowed her list of games she wanted to play down.)

We had so much fun with her party and we hope all the guests had fun too. I am glad that even though Lauren has turned four she still loves cuddles (note her favorite pjs in the first photo) as much as always because I am always going to love giving them to her.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren!

Jacylann Nix said...

it looks like she had a great birthday!!

Rach said...

Happy birthday, Lauren! :o)

I am with you on those in-the-dead-of-night feelings. Last night was a doozy for me. I'm so sorry you have to have that missing. HUGS!

Bacardi Mama said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! It looks like a great time.

shanan said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lauren!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday!!
My little girl will be four in December. Its crazy how fast the time goes. I'm glad she is using her birthday status to its full potential!! Love the cake by the way :)

Marylin said...

That top picture is priceless!! LOve the looks on their faces!! :)