Saturday, June 20, 2009

Angel Ann Marie

Every once in a while one of my children magically transforms to become an angel child. Today was one of those days for Ann Marie. I want to record her day so that someday when the two of us are having a harder time, we both can remember how wonderful today was. It was so good it deserves its own post.

The day started tired for me. Not much sleep from the little guy last night and Jon took the baby downstairs around 7 to give me a couple hours of sleep. He paid the girls with jellybeans (thanks Ed and Megeann) that our friends gave us to bounce the baby in his bouncy seat.

When I came down the TV was on and the baby was happy bouncing. I casually mentioned that we would need to empty the dishwasher so I could get the dishes done. I expected to have to wait till the show ended and then force kids to get to it like usual. But as soon as I closed my mouth Ann Marie hopped up and went and unloaded the dishwasher. She didn't complain that no one else was working. She just did it.

Then she helped me load the dishwasher and clean off the counters. All while her sisters watched the rest of the show. Later while I was bathing the baby Sabrina told me that Ann Marie was advancing the laundry for me. I didn't even ask her to do that. She just saw the need and did it.

That seemed to continue through the day. She was picking up the house as she went. Tonight she came down because she was lonesome and unable to sleep and I told her she could read a book for a few minutes while I did the dishes (again). She came over to load with me first and then read her poem book for a few minutes before going up to bed without being asked.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this girl??? And on days like today I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have her in my home! She has the potential for such incredible greatness in so many respects. She is highly intelligent. She is incredibly agile. She is naturally talented in music. She loves BIG. She is always up for a challenge.

But of all the ways she can be great, I hope most of all she becomes great in being obedient and helpful like she was today. All her many talents will serve her so much better if she uses them to serve others. Thank you Ann Marie, for serving me so well today. I love you!
I took this photo the other day because Ann Marie asked me to. After I took it she said, "Hey Mom, maybe you could use that photo to send out to people for the card that we send out to people with the pictures on it to tell them baby Noble is born. You know like the photos we took where we had to wear those clothes you bought for Aunt Elizabeth to take our photos?"

I am not going to be using this photo for Noble's birth announcement but wanted to share it with you here because it is a cute photo of a cute girl who REALLY loves her little baby brother.


Sue said...

These pictures are darling. And your little daughter is growing up.



Diana...aka...MeMe said...

I love how her little mind works! Maybe copies could be made of their adorable picture and Ann Marie can pass them out to HER friends as her birth announcement of Noble. She is a treasure for sure!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful little girl. I'm hoping one of my kids will have a day like that, but I'm not holding my breath. To them, mom saying "The dishwasher need to be unloaded" is just a comment in passing, not really a request to do so. And they are kinda right but it would be nice if someone could pick up on the request that's implied. :-)

And she's right, that picture is great. I agree with Diana, she could use it to pass out to her friends in a baby announcement.

Marylin said...

Sweet girl! What a blessing to have such intuitive children. Love that picture and that you recorded such a special day. All my love

shanan said...

I love that sweet little girl of yours. Annie, I miss you!

Cyndi W said...

What an adorable, darling girl...sounds like she is very obedient, we all could learn from her example, even adults. Hope you have many more wonderful days! Cyndi

Melanie said...

I have four children, all with their own personalities and strengths. One of my middle chidren is much like your sweet little Ann Marie.

Her name is Julianna and she is a giver. She's much happier giving than receiving and is perfectly content cleaning house for me (something the others run and hide to avoid).

I want to be more like her. Willing to serve, willing to give. If we could all serve each other with such love as our children...what a great world.

You're a great mom....with great children. Thank you for sharing your life.

Twinkletoes said...

Love these! Congrats on over a million hits! I have no idea what made me notice that but it's over a million (by 116) right now!

Anonymous said...

She has a tender heart because she has a tenderhearted woman who is mentoring her... congratulations on doing such a wonderful Spirit-led job in raising your daughter. These are truly "fruits." Have a wonderful evening... :-)