Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Decisions

Thank you so much for all the great Easter ideas. I think I have come up with what we will do. I have to write it down anyway so I can remember each year so I thought I would share.

First, I must explain that I want our family's celebration to be focused on the fact that Christ is LIVING, and that because of Him everyone who dies will live again. 

So first we are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I love how this book portrays the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his return to life and bringing life to all those previously lost. We will likely watch the movie of it too with the kids that are old enough.

Second I have taken a twist on an advent calendar and a Lent calendar sent to me by a friend. I filled the 40 Easter eggs above with various things. 12 are filled like the Resurrection eggs so many of you suggested. They are numbered 1-12 so we can open one each day the 12 days before Easter. 

Seven are filled with things we can do to remember that Camille will get her body back and we will all be able to live again in the flesh with her. These are things like going to her graveside, drawing pictures of what we think the day of her Resurrection will be like, sharing favorite memories of her etc... These are marked with the letters C A M I L L E so we can do them the week between Easter and her birthday. 

The rest of the eggs have suggestions for simple activities for every day leading up to Easter to help us understand Easter and enjoy it. These are things like planting a seed and watching it grow or going without something for a day to better understand sacrifice. Also in there are notes telling us to go buy a bunch of Roses, Lilies, Gerber Daisies and Tulips and share our favorite things about the corresponding girl that day. (Not sure how I am going to translate this tradition of ours to a boy. I think I won't know till I meet the little guy. I didn't plan the flower thing in advance. It is just how I felt about each girl. Have to wait and see what inspires me and reminds me of a son.)

Also we are going to get caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies. We will still dye eggs and have an egg hunt and I think our Easter baskets will be more special than before - with more meaningful gifts if not more expensive. And we will eat a meal with Lamb for Easter dinner as is tradition in my family.

I think overall the kids will love what I have come up with so far and I hope to add to it as the years pass. I am so grateful for the Savior's sacrifice and the promised gift of the Resurrection. It is a true reason to celebrate knowing that He has overcome death and through Him we will live again. This is the source of hope in my life - He is the source of my hope. I look forward to all we will do to celebrate this hope He offers.


Peggy said...

Where are you getting your caterpillars? That sounds like a wonderful idea.

Miles Family said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate. I wish I had done more things like that when my kids were little. However, it is never too late to start. Our kids grandparents all passed away when the kids were young. I have always felt sad they didn't know the magic of going to grandma's. We will begin celebrating them and that we will see them again this Easter! We will show gratitude for our "guardian grandmas" as we call them. Thanks for giving me ideas to celebrate living again. You strengthen me daily. Thank you

Stephanie said...

Here is the site I ordered from. I haven't used them before so I won't "vouch" for it but I know Sabrina's kindergarten class did this and it worked for them.


Noorda Notebook said...

i love your easter ideas. and i love that you're making it less commercial and more spiritual, the way it should be. i'm going to try to do some of that with my kidsies. although i have to admit that i did purchase three packages of easter egg dye kits. i love that stuff.

Karen said...

I don't have kids yet, but that sounds like a really great way to celebrate the holiday.

Thanks for the ideas!

Sue said...

Beautiful ideas, Stephanie. I know they will love them, and time-honored traditions will be created. What a tribute to Camille!

Stephanie said...

I love your Easter ideas. I will use these when I have a family. Thanks for sharing

Kim said...

What a wonderful idea. I will have to do them as I want the same thing for my know what Easter really is about.

farmgirl said...

Peaceful, positive, profound ideas! Have you heard of Resurrection Cookies? These are easy cookies and are symbolic of the death and resurrection of the Savior. Each part of the process has you read a scripture and then complete the next step. This has become a most important family tradition that brings the JOY of Easter Morn into our home. The symbolism is extremely meaningful to even the youngest of my children because they have helped in the process and we have been able to explain our understanding and bare testimony as we go. Google Resurrection Cookies to find a recipe you like. Then take the idea and make it your own if you like. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! They have inspired me to continue to make Easter a holiday of importance in a spiritual way!

Lindsay said...

Just a thought on the "flower" thing for a boy. Yes, it may be hard to translate, but an idea would be to have some other plant, not necessarily flowering, for a boy. My first thought was that you could use a specific tree, and the leaves would remind you of that boy. I am confident that you will find some tradition that will fit the masculine side of the family, but thought I woudl add my two cents.

rebecca said...


I'm sure it will be a beautiful celebration. I'm going to borrow some of your ideas. I think stretching the easter holiday out farther by doing spiritual things leading up to the day will in and of itself make the day and the focus more apparent. I think I'll reread the Lion the witch and the wradrobe. I love your testimony of our Saviors resurrection.

Chelsa said...

i love all your ideas and i'm sure your girls will too!