Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayer Request for Gracie

Here is part of a comment from yesterday:

I was wondering if you might be able to post a prayer request on your blog. We have some family that right now their precious baby girl is the hospital and they are unsure if their sweet daughter will live. Sweet Graice was born with a heart defect and has over come all odds, she is SUCH a miracle. Yesterday Gracie was given the gift of a heart transplant, things we looking very positive at the start of the day, but sadly once the transplant was complete things took a turn for the worst. The new heart she has been given is not working properly, the Doctors are doing everything that they can, but what Gracie REALLY needs is another miracle. I know that you have a lot of followers on your blog, so if you don't mind asking for prayers in Gracie's behalf it would be so appreciated.

You can read all about amazing little Gracie @

I have such a strong testimony of PRAYER and I know that all of our prayers combined together can help uplift this family during their darkest hour!!


I hope this family does not have to join our "club" of grieving parents. I understand that it is not always the Lord's will that children live long and full lives. I know this is a hard concept for many to accept. Children are so innocent and pure it seems unfair from our limited perspective that they should ever have to suffer. But somehow life just isn't about fair. It is about learning, growing, and going Home. Sometimes, pain and suffering are the best teachers, fertilizers, and directors to quickest routes Home. Though I think for little children who suffer, it is a sacrifice they make to teach those of us around them. They must have been such valiant and noble spirits in the life before birth. 

I know for so many trials we must simply trust in God that His way will produce the best way for us to accomplish our work on this Earth, be we one or one hundred in our time of suffering. Still, it still hurts my heart each time I hear of another family having to walk this difficult road. I prayed for Gracie and her family last night. I pray that their answer will not have to be the same as mine was to the prayers they are undoubtedly praying. I pray that no matter what the peace of the Lord will be with them to help them through this difficult and trying time.


Lori said...

I'm praying for little Gracie that the Lord will heal her and bring comfort to her family.

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

Praying . . . praying . . . and praying some more! That precious little girl is beautiful.

Cardalls said...

that is so interesting my brother-in-law also posted about praying for Gracie this morning. He is awaiting a transplant, but is 35 and a father.


Jennie said...

My prayers are wih Gracie and her family. Thank you for posting this. I know the power of prayer is real, and you have so many readers.

Tanielle said...

I will be praying for that beautiful liitle baby.

kathryn_m said...

" ... Thy will be done .. on Earth as it is in Heaven ..."

My prayers for sweet Gracie and the 35 year old father.

Mary said...

Thank you for posting this, Stephanie. I will be praying for this family, and yours.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for many months now. I have been touched by your family and your life. I have learned a lot from you. The words you write seem to make so much sense to me. I do not consider myself a religious person. I do, however, have a strong love and belief in the Lord. I believe in spirituality and so many of the things of the things that you often write. Anyway, I am writing because I have a question. I pray to God everyday. I typically pray to give my thanks. Prayers of thanks almost always flood my mind as I look at my new baby boy. I believe that prayers of thanks are essential to tell God how appreciative I am of my many blessings. I pray for others who are in need. I do this often. You and your family have been the subject of so many of my prayers. I also pray to ask questions. I really believe that if I listen hard enough, I will find the answers that I ask of Him. My latest question is about prayer itself. And I have been praying about this question. This morning I woke up and thought that I should ask you for your thoughts. I almost didn’t. But the spontaneity of this thought makes me think that this is perhaps where God is leading me to find my answer. So here is the question. I firmly believe that God has a plan for each one of his children. I firmly believe that He knows what is best for us, even when we do not. I firmly believe that He has the full understanding of everything that happens, even when we cannot. So, what can my prayers do? When I learn of a family in despair, He already knows about them and is already there. When I learn of a sick or injured child, He already knows about them and is already there. What do you think our prayers do in these situations? For example, I read this post about Gracie yesterday. I have thought of little else since. I have been praying and praying. What can my prayers do, when His plan is in action? I don’t believe that any amount of praying can change His plan. I do believe what you have said about Him not giving us anything that we cannot handle with Him at our side. I believe he is there always. I know that He is with you and your family now. I know that He is with Gracie and her family now. I KNOW this. So, what can a prayer from a complete stranger do? How can my prayer affect something that is already happening? I know this is long, but I found it necessary in order to convey the sincerity of my inquiry. Thank you for your thoughts.

♥Stef said...

Hi Anonymous
This is Gracie's aunt. You ask such a good question about prayer. I have thought many of the same things. Sometimes the "plan" is already set, how can we control that??? Our Faith is tested greatly in these situations.
When Gracie was a few weeks old she was in the same situation that she is in now,she wasn't expected to live, BUT she did. We have no doubt that is was because of all the prayers that were said in her behalf. Gracie has gone through many struggles in her 11 months on this earth, and has made it through them all. She is a miracle.
YOUR prayer DOES count. Heavenly Father wants us to pray to Him. He waits to see if we will come to Him. He listens to our prayers, every single one. Our family is praying for the best outcome for Gracie and her family. Only God knows what is best. If death is what we get many may wonder why this is "best". We may spend a lifetime wondering with no answer. But one day we will understand. This is where Faith in God comes in. We have to understand that He loves all of us like we love our own children. Struggles make us stronger. Death is more difficult for those left on this earth, but not for those who die.
Prayers work! No doubt God will answer our prayers. I know it, I've seen it, I testify of it. If Gracie dies, He does not leave us alone. He sends the Holy Ghost to comfort those who mourn.
Thank you so much for praying for Gracie.

Cardalls said...

Anonymous....I have a brother-in-law who is awaiting a heart transplant, he has a similar heart defect as Gracie's, he believes that MANY times over the years his life has been extended by God due to the prayers of his loved ones and sometimes strangers. His belief, (and mine), is that God can and sometimes does extend the life of people to reward the faith of those who have prayed for them. This doesn't always happen as it may not fit into God's plan.You have great questions and God will reward you for your hard work and thoughtful prayers.