Friday, January 30, 2009

The Moral of the Story

Our trip to Mexico was a reward for the kids for finishing the Book of Mormon. We figured since we had read a record of Ancient Americans, we could go to some of the ruins left behind by such civilizations. 

While we were in Mexico we visited the ruins at Chichen Itza. These date back to about 480 A.D. or just after the Book of Mormon finishes. The girls loved seeing all the buildings, the ball court, and the pillars everywhere. We decided against a guided tour here. We had one in Tulum and the girls hated it. They don't have the patience to stand and listen to what everything carved on the buildings means. 

So instead I made up my own "interpretations" of the ruins. In one spot I suggested that perhaps it was the swimming pool. In another Sabrina was sure it was a house with 3 bedrooms. I have been to Chichen Itza twice before with guides so I know what many of the ruins are anyway. I was able to share what I knew in a kid friendly way.

We took the kids to the Cenote, or sink whole, where the Mayans threw their sacrificed people. There were over 70 skeletons pulled out of this water hole back in the 70s. They were mostly children and young men. As we taught the kids about all these gory customs, we related them to what we learned from reading the Book of Mormon last year.

The main moral of the trip was, if you are wicked like the people who lived there sacrificing people, you get destroyed. Then you no longer have cities thriving but ruins rotting. So if you are wicked you get "ruined."


mckenna said...

What a fun trip! Just a fun fact (since you've already been and returned and it won't do you any good): When my family traveled to Cancun a few years back we had heard about seven tour guides at Tulum who were LDS. Our tour was included with our all-inclusive resort, so we chose to break away and find these brothers. They were all named after Book of Mormon 'characters', for lack of a better word. Their father had been given a Book of Mormon by missionaries who had taught him when he was young. He believed it was a true record, however the book he had was in English and he couldn't read it. But because he knew it to be true he chose to name his seven sons after these men. The tour guide we found was Lemuel. He named off his other brothers, all named for righteous men, but he and one other. Laman and Lemuel. :) His father hadn't bee able to read the book to know that these were wicked men. He joked that they were trying to make good on the name. Anyway, as Lemuel gave us the usual tour he was able to point out particular features and such that directly correlated to our beliefs. It was fascinating! I wasn't endowed when we went years ago, and I can't wait to be able to go back and recognize the similarities in temple structures and such. Anyway, just a fun fact. Sounds like you all had such a great trip!

Heidi said...

Holy smokes, what an incredible "object lesson" of sorts. I'll bet they'll all remember that!

Amanda said...

It's great that they got such a great reward! It must have been amazing to see such old structures...

Jami said...

That is such a fantastic reward for finishing that as a family. Am I so pathetic I never would have thought of that?

kathryn_m said...

Hi Stephanie:

I guess I'm not looking in the right place cuz I still can't seem to find your e-mail address.

I would much rather share this privately but ..

My dear, sweet daughter who, at 22 years old, faces more health struggles than most will in a life time - she has autism, tourette's syndrome, ploycystic ovarian syndrome, mental health issues (most likely bi-polar) and epilepsy -- has me very worried.

This morning, she had a very bad seizure and stopped breathing. Her father had just left to visit his 91 year old father. I managed to get and keep her airway patent and get some ativan inside her cheek ... all the while thinking of Jett Travolta.

She is resting now. I will go lie with her but wanted to ask you and your readers to please keep this precious and so very special young lady in your prayers. Her name is Haylee.

My heart physically hurts for all she must endure and I am so frightened about what will happen after me and her Dad are gone or can no longer able to provide the supports she so desparately needs.

with love and thanks,

I am sorry to have put a damper on such an inspiring post.

Randi said...

How fun for you guys. I would read the Book of Mormon much quicker if there was a trip to Mexico when I finished. ;) I am terrible about sticking to reading. I should do better.
Love your photos and seeing that your family had a wonderful vacation.

Gwenevere said...

The moral of the story....listen to the still small voice! your post reminded me of a great memory.

After making it through the Alma chapters in the BOM. my 3 year old son couldn't get enough of all the wars and naked Lamanites. One afternoon, when he had a friend over, and I had headed upstairs to drop the laundry on the bed I heard the spirt whisper, "stay downstairs" I ignored it and when along with my task. When I returned 2 minutes later my son and his friend were huddled under my craft table with their shirts off surrounding a huge glob of craft paints dumped all over the carpet. When I asked him what he was doing he smiled and said, "We are Lamanites and we are being WICKED!"

Oh boy! I love my little boy! and the shellacked stain that remained on the carpet as a constant reminder to obey, right away.


Kaitlin said...

TOny and I were a bit envious at your trip to Mexico, but I can't complain because we did go to Jamaica:) How wonderful to take some time and really enjoy yourselves before you are SUPER prego and have other things pressing. We miss all fo you and were sad not to be able to get together over the holidays. Hopefully I will see you in MArch with a little new one in tow:) Love ya, Kaitie

Gina said...

that's a cool reward idea. Don't tell my kids though, we're way too far from Mexico now.