Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cool Beans

I have contacted Leanne who made the Bean Bags for the girls. She is willing to take orders via email. So if you are interested in an awesome bean bag, email her.
Her email is
Again, she makes the bags in different sizes, fabrics etc. It may take her a while from the time you order because she does work full time and is a mother. So give her some lead time from when you want it.


Mandi Roth said...

Thanks that is awesome!! Love those bean bags. Thanks for the info.. She did an amazing job.

Randi A. said...

Just thought I would tell you that you were part of our Sunday school lesson today. Our Sunday School teacher is a really amazing teacher, he works directly with the First Presidency and the Twelve, so he always has great stories and is really neat to learn from.

Anyway...He used A Daily Scoop and you as his example of what huge examples we can be by just sharing ourselves. He encouraged everyone to look up your blog and learn and be inspired from it. Lucky for me, I have been growing and learning from you for quite some time. But it was neat to see how widespread you have become. You are really something special.

((Also, thank you for the sweet thank you note.))

Jessica said...

my name is jessica, my fiance passed away in his sleep 4 weeks ago today. several people told me to check our your blog and said how beautiful it was. i peeked and i wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. you are so strong!
i have written letters to my fiance and posted them and once i saw how open you are on your blog it gives me comfort that its ok to put all of our thoughts and feelings our there. thank you for being so brave and strong.