Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Classic Annie Quip

Just had to write this down. 

I am right now trying to get Ann Marie to get dressed so we can leave for the day. She is in PJs still. She is coloring a project. When she starts a project she has a VERY hard time leaving it before she is completely finished.

So I say "Come on Ann Marie. We are all waiting on you. We are going to leave you here since you are not getting ready. You only have 2 minutes and we are leaving."

It is a credible threat since Dad is staying home. Otherwise she would see through such a threat.

"OK MOM!" she so nicely responds. "I am coming." Note she is still downstairs at the kitchen table not upstairs getting dressed. "I already have my underwear on!"

Well at least I can be glad for that. :) Classic.


Sharron said...

I have one daughter like this. At 25 she still can be. BUT, she has been able to be a finisher when it is important. She beat her way through an associate's degree before her mission, even though she had no idea what she wanted to be "when she grew up". Fullfilled a wonderful mission, which blessed her family greatly. When she got home she was able to finally prayerfully make her dicision to head into speech therapy. Her slow pace can be so maddening sometimes, but when she has been offered promotions that would make make more $$, she is able to stick with that "coloring project" until it is done. It is easier since she is living near the university and I don't go shopping, etc. with her so often, but I have grown to admire her tenacity and faithfulness in holding to the rod in all facets of her life.

She also would see no problem if she "already had her underwear on" LOL

She is the one that I sent your reflections of when you were in college. That was helpful, thanks!

Noorda Notebook said...

at least you can be glad that she likes to finish projects once she starts them. on the other hand, take me - i get excited about so many projects that it's hard for me to finish them all and not just do them all halfway. on top of that, i have a supportive husband who supports me in my projects.

go annie. maybe i'll take a lesson from you :)

Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

Don't you just love innocence? Too cute!


Dolly said...

My Jaden-4 is a running speed-demon around the house and on the play ground...but any time I need him to eat or get dressed.......I better not be in a hurry! I'm learning to slow down and have patience :)

Love your blog and your daughter's name: Ann Marie. My mom's bestfriend had the same name :) Good times!

Shanan said...

Ha! I love it! ... and her ;) said...

At least she wears underwear! I can't tell you how often I cathc my boys without underwear on!

I am sorry Camille was not here to enjoy Halloween. I am sure each holiday this next year will be bitter sweet as your other girls enjoy them and you wish Camille were there to enjoy them too. I love you.

Cheri and David Saltzman said...

I found your blog from a friend of a friend's blog. I just wanted to thank you. Your words make me want to be a better mom and live in the moment with my kids. Thank you so much for helping me remember!

Kathryn_m said...

Ahhh... now there's a wee lassie who thinks on her feet --- or should I say her bummie?

Too cute:)

Karen Stewart said...

Stephanie, I am so excited for you and Jon, congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you get to feeling better soon!That is so hard! Karen Stewart

pamina said...

Too funny!! Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering -- any chance Ann Marie gets this from her Mommy? To a faithful reader, it sometimes seems like this child is the most like you -- bright, determined, and expressive. Put another way, I expect she'll grow into a fine blogger one day.